Digital Video Is Back



Social media, mobile Apps, connected TV and content marketing are changing the way marketers are thinking about digital videos. The digital video is back with a renewed vigour. There is more to it than traditional marketers that digital is a good place to promote video.


YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Path, Vine, Viddy, and others have made it incredibly easy to distribute video. Whether sharing via our own networks or through peer-to-peer sharing, we are experiencing evolved video distribution For the first time, the platforms have the ability to provide amazing levels of targeting, but at scale. There will be a time soon when marketers will start shifting broadcast dollars into digital.


With HD video cameras in our pockets and amazing apps on our phones, every marketer can be a video creator. Creating Vine videos maybe easy, but creating compelling videos that drive business value is not. You could ask any aspiring artist – the path to success today is through your YouTube channel.

As consumer s also, we have full access video on our desktop and mobile devices. The mobile apps for watching video are amazing, Netflix and Hulu leading the way. Digital TV and movie content audiences are expected to increase quickly due to increased increased tablet and smartphone viewing. It is convenient to watch a live cricket match while waiting in a que.

Connected TV

While Apple TV will supposedly bring all of the apps and convenience of video on our iOS devices to our living room, we currently have other great options to look out for as well. Be it Samsung Smart TV, Roku, the current Apple TV or others, digital video is available anytime and anywhere. If you are watching a movie on your tablet, you can share with family with a few taps and the next thing you know is all of you are sitting together in front of the TV with a bowl of pop corn.

Content Driven

Social media has pushed marketers to think differently while creating content. No longer can brands create a few TV commercials, figure where to place them, and call it done. Thats not the end.Unfortunately for some, the TV commercial format just doesn’t consistently work well in social or mobile. Every campaign of significant size will need five to 10 great pieces of digital video content and the media/distribution strategy will have to play more of a role in the creative direction.We can only speculate the possibilities of how creative the agencies can get when they embrace such digital opportunities.

Video is still the most dynamic media in the stream of content marketing and can drive deeper engagement and loyalty.

The biggest challenges are around creating great video content at reasonable expense and then mastering the “converged media” landscape where owned, earned, and paid all work together to drive outcomes.

Until now we have just explored the possibilities in social, mobile, TV, desktop, but have you thought about digital out-of-home and the growth of screens playing video showing up on everything from our gas pumps to our taxicabs.

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