E-mail Marketing Best Practices for Your Business



The use of smart devices has increased the use of internet surfing and users are able to check their emails on the go. E-mail marketing is one of the most effective practice to target prospective customers. Businesses of all types and sizes can derive a range of benefits through this marketing tool such as increasing marketing ROI, customer loyalty and profitability, driving sales and improving tracking and feedback. Despite the rise of social media, research shows that email marketing is still 40 times more effective than using Facebook, Twitter or the like. E-mail marketing generates great results, according to businesses and it forms a core part of their business.

Permission-based email marketing: Instead of delivering marketing emails which are deleted by many users as Spam, a business can opt for a permission-based marketing that has a high return on investment as it helps to create loyal customers.

Know your audience: To target audience, you need to analyses places where users are already engaging with your brand. Using various platforms, that you can interact with your targeted audience and increase your connectivity. Make sure you are communicating with correct subscribers.

Incentive focused subject line: To attract attention of the users, an incentive based subject line will help you. If you are running an online shopping website, you can provide free shipping service to your customers if they purchase products above Rs 2000 or offer a free device. It is not necessary to? include punctuation. Mentioning the name of a user in the subject line will also increase the chances of the email being opened by the user. A good and compelling subject line should include not more than 30-50 characters.

Responsive design: Your marketing email should be response friendly, meaning it should adapt to different devices. A user should be able to open the email on the go on any of the device, be it mobile, tablet or desktop computer.

Content with proper grammar: It is important to ensure that you do not overuse sales words. Be clear, while marketing your product or service. Making your content targeted to holidays, seasonal fashion trends, trends in your industry, or other time-related or seasonal elements is always a great way to make the email content more relevant to your readers and users. It is always good to have a grammatically correct content published as proper grammar will help to drive improved conversion rates.

Use of images:? Include eye-catching images in your email marketing messages depending on b2b or b2c clients. Just including images to enhance the look of your email marketing is not enough, it should match with the content.

Get social: Businesses can give addresses of social networks will help to increase your subscriber base. In turn, subscribers can also keep themselves updated visiting your page.

Now that you know more about using email marketing services you should setup and send your own campaigns. It’s time to welcome new era of email marketing.

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