Easter: The biggest candy consuming holiday after Halloween



Easter is one of the oldest and the holiest festival for the Christians. Many of us know that Easter is the time in the Christian faith to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. As with Santa Claus for Christmas, the Easter Bunny is a symbol for Easter. Firm believer or not, the high-spirited celebration of Easter is infectious. ValueHits wishes everyone a Happy Easter. Indulge in all those Easter confectioneries!

Easter Trivia

When it comes to eating of chocolate bunnies, the ears are the most desirable part to be devoured first by as many as 76 percent of people.

The name Easter owes has its origin from Easter, the Anglo-Saxon goddess who symbolizes hare and egg.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the largest Easter egg ever made was over 25 feet high and weighed 8,968 lbs

Among the easter goodies, the kids’ favorite remains the Red jellybeans

The art of Easter egg painting is known as Pysanka

The first Easter baskets were made to look like bird’s nests.

The maiden chocolate eggs recipes were made in Europe in the nineteenth century.

Americans celebrate Easter with a large Easter egg hunt on the White House Lawn.

In medieval times, a festival of egg throwing was held in church. The priest would throw a hard-boiled egg to one of the choirboys after which it was tossed from one choirboy to the next and whoever held the egg when the clock struck 12 was the winner and retained the egg.

The custom of giving eggs at Easter time has been traced back to Egyptians, Persians, Gauls, Greeks and Romans, to whom the egg was a symbol of life.

Easter always falls between March 22 and April 25

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