Emerging Social Reading Trends



Social Reading Apps & News Consumption
Summly was recently acquired by Yahoo. Summly aggregates content that you’re likely to be interested in, and also summarizes the content to make it easier to decide whether or not you want to read, watch or look at it. Another Social reading app to be bought this year is Zite. It is to be bought by CNN whilst LinkedIn is rumoured to be buying Pulse. Initially editors use to pick the news, butt now this decision making is done by computer algorithms.

Social-PR Strategy
PR will no longer have to create content or events that will get them published, but rather make things that will get them shared. An event where you invite all the top journalists are likely to be less shared than interesting infographics that appeal to a particular audience.

Many brands have spent lots of time trying to find ways to talk to customers, and to get customers to talk to them , however, the rise of the readers highlights the fact that it’s equally relevant to think of ways to get customers to talk about you, or to enable existing conversations with truly shareable content. Thinking about what they might want your users may want to talk about and getting professionals to create it might mean people end up talking about you, anyway.

Consumer Reading Choices
At the same time, as these reader apps change the way that we read articles and posts.
Many businesses are following the he New York Times models where users are asked to pay a small premium to access exclusive news. Thus businesses following such a model will be concentrating creating truly engaging content that people would want to pay for rather than mere impressions. Instead of just spamming press releases to journalists brands will need to think about how they can create stories of real interest and depth. one way to do this is to make use of existing social media budgets so the news companies themselves generate and promote that content for you.

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