For B2Bs: Few Mobile Marketing Tactics to Take Under Your Wings



It is high time for B2B to indulge in the tablet revolution and be more open to the possibilities offered on the mobile devices. It is the peak time to explore and gain from mobile app marketing tactics. B2B cannot be left far behind.

Mobile devices have developed interesting gadgets into productivity enhancers. With the arrival of enterprise apps, smartphones and tablets are now more than just quick access to e-mail, calendars, social media, and online information. The mobile application and the business systems bond means that information and processes can be accessed and managed from wherever and whenever. User expectations have changed with the growing relevance of apps.

Traffic on mobile devices has almost doubled in one year. It is also predicted by various mobile marketing gurus that the mobile marketing budget in 2013 will be around double that in 2012, overtaking both social media and e-mail marketing.

Some helpful mobile marketing tactics
Users want relevance, functionality, and access to information on any device, at any time and from any location. So how can this be achieved?

1. Highly Responsive website: Make your website stay tuned to the different devices and adapt content wherever essential.

2. Mobile loving campaigns: Cater your campaigns in such a way that they are mobile device friendly. Optimize your landing pages and tailor settings for each type of device for things, such as forms

3. I am here: Make your presence felt. Mobile advertising can be customized by location, time, and device, resulting in high relevance and therefore high-response rates.

4. E-communication: The most used function of a tablet or a smartphone still remains checking mails. Ensure that your HTML can be read properly on these devices. For example, try using only one column.

5. Don’t forget Mobile apps: An app enables you to secure a prominent place on your customer’s device.

It is important not to confuse mobile marketing with tablet marketing. Smartphones have a much smaller screen for content experiences and is mostly used on the run while tablets are used more at home and in the office, offering dynamic content opportunities.

B2B marketers might face challenges to establish their presence on a customer’s app. In order to be successful, you need to offer an user experience that surpasses customer expectations. This can differ considerably between the tablet and the smartphone.

You have many opportunities, but the challenge is to find it and start exploring.

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