Google Search Starts Across Apps



Google search has launched a capability called app indexing that uses the expertise of webmasters to help create a seamless user experience across websites and mobile apps.

Similar to crawling and indexing websites, Googlebot can also index content in your Android app. Webmasters can select which app content you would like Google to index in the same way you do for webpages— through your existing Sitemap file and through Webmaster Tools. If the webpage and the app contents are indexed properly, Google will then show deep links to your app straight in the search results if it is relevant for user’s query and if the user has the app installed. The moment the users tap on the deep links, the app will launch and direct them to the required content.

A simple thing, such as selecting a movie can become complex if the information you want is in several places, often in apps. You could gt your trivia from MDb, stats from Wikipedia and ratings from Rotten Tomatoes. Google will save your effort in trying to acquire information from a dozen apps you use everyday. Google search can make it easy for you, but fetching the answers you need, whether on app or web. It will also help is searching for an app only. If you want to explore white water kayaking, you can just ask Google for white water kayaking apps and get a handful of useful apps.

Using an app instead of trying to navigate through a web result can simply get you faster from Point A to Point . If you are Google, this means it is the end as a happy searcher keeps coming back, clicks on ads and companies keep buying ads and the cycle continues.

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