Google’s Ready to Launch “Mobilegeddon” on April 21



The Google’s new algorithm referred as “Mobilegeddon” is soon to launch on April 21, which stipulates mobile friendly sites to have an advantage of getting higher rankings. According to the search engine the change will take effect on all mobile searches worldwide in all languages which in turn will impact search results. It’s time for sites to take the Google’s mobile-friendly test soon that will help them to know whether their site is mobile-friendly and if they don’t meet this criteria, rankings would get affected. The upcoming algorithm has caused quite a disturbance in the digital marketing industry with has entailed many companies to take the mobile-friendly test.

Some myths associated with the update. Google is recognized as the king of search engines and the forthcoming update is sure to have an effect on how your website going to perform on search results. But before that there are some myths which companies need to overcome. Many firms think that sites which have responsive design are considered mobile-friendly, however, this is just a web design technique which allows only your site to adjust as per the screen size of your mobile. And, webmasters can breath a sigh of relief as the new algo has been strictly limited to smartphone not including the tablets. Even for desktop searches, the update is not valid. Local businesses have an advantage that they won’t get impacted by the algorithm but they should make effort to make their site mobile. Many people still have a misconception that mobile friendly tag is given on site wide basis but rather it a page by page method.

Are you ready for Mobilegeddon? Here’s what you should do to escape the wrath. Take the Google’s Mobile-friendly Test. If your site doesn’t meet the specifications, then it’s time to make your site mobile friendly using three approaches including Separate mobile URL, Dymanic URL and Responsive URL. You can choose any of these configuration that suites your site. Another important thing is to make sure that page speed and deep linking to make mobile search experience smooth for users. Making your site meet the algorithm update should your priority and failure to do so would make it difficult for your website to appear on mobile searches entirely. Since, the new update is directly associated with the ranking signal, it quite obvious that you are set to lose a great deal in terms of traffic and business expansion altogether. Not only having a mobile friendly site will help you to expand your followers but it will result in sales expansion. Companies which are already struggling to find leads online would suffer even more as they already have poor customer engagement but this can improve when they start preparing for Mobilegeddon.

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