Here What You Need To Know about Google’s Possibly New Update ‘Fred’



For quite some time now, the SEO industry have been discussing about the new, unconfirmed Google update ‘Fred’ that is possibly going to focus more on link quality aspects of its entire algorithm. While many experience drastic changes in their search engine ranking, others noticed a sudden drop in the ranking. If you are one of those businesses that don’t pay much attention to SEO ranking then you need to check it to ensure everything is still fine.

It doesn’t matter if your business has actually experienced any changes, you need to stay updated with all the new updates Google launches. Because that’s how SEO works. If not, well then you know the consequences.

In the past few month, we’ve already seen a lot of chatter and reports of changes that comes from the “black hat” SEO community and it is claimed that this maybe a spam algorithm update around links. With all that, businesses need to worry less and focus more on other important stuff and make more efforts to make their SEO successful. Here are a few things as posted by CIO in one of its articles that businesses need to understand about SEO after this ‘Fred’ announcement.

  1. Businesses that rely heavily on affiliates and ads are going to be in trouble. Although this is not announced by Google, many experts have noticed that organizations relying completely on affiliates and ads may have some difficulty. What happens is organizations simply post blogs lacking quality only to promote their business and generate revenue through ads. This means that these website cut down quality and don’t focus on providing useful content. Many businesses that used this tactic experienced a drop in ranking. So it’s time you use some new techniques to run your SEO successfully.
  2. Businesses that still use text-heavy sites geared towards pushing ad content may be penalized by Google. Those were the traditional approach, the modern technique is to use creative images and videos to catch the attention of your audience and businesses that stay with the trend are likely to benefit more.
  3. The old backlink tactics are no longer going to work. In case other businesses are linking to your pages and if you think it’s harming your ranking, you may request the Google Webmaster to remove the link. If that doesn’t work, there’s Google’s Disaow tool accessible through Webmaster that can help you remove the spammy links.
  4. Duplicate content is another thing to take into account. Although this is nothing new, but if you still have duplicate content on your website, you should think of doing something about it. Due to duplicate content, your site may not be indexed. Make sure to avoid plagiarism as this can significantly affect your SEO.

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