How Deep Links can awaken Mobile Advertising?



Lack of seamless transition from app to app can be a hindrance. For example, when LinkedIn sends you an email about a new connection, the accompanying link sends you to LinkedIn’s homepage rather than its app. If you happen to be a retailer advertising on mobile, you will be directed either to your Homepage or to the front door of your app, rather than to a page where they can buy a product.

URX and Cellogic’s are a few startups that are changing this. They all may go about the same goal in different ways, but their aim remains the same.

URX aims to enable advertising that sends a user from, say, a mobile banner ad to precisely the right page within an app. For instance, if you have an app installed and you have a liking for deals for apparel, then the company (an actual URX partner) can serve up a targeted ad that send them directly to that deal.

Cellogic launched, a deep link service. The company’s aim is to increase native advertising on mobile, although, for now they are more focused on helping their developers make it more accessible and linkable. They have also launched a mobile ad retargeting network

Bitly is a URL shortening technology that has served as a template for startups that see a similar opportunity with mobile. As with Bitly, though, there may never be a proprietary deep linking standard as deep linking will often be invisible to users. This is why companies are using deep links to promote other businesses.

For mobile app marketers, this means that unless a consumer has downloaded your app, they cannot see your ad. It will create more pressure to download your app. On the other side, people may download you app and never use it again. It maybe tough to get people to use your app, but it does have a potential if back links take off soon.

All are not of this same opinion. Some are of the view that the technology that has been used for years is simply being hyped and may not open avenues beyond some commerce sites.

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