How Link Building Can Have A Huge Impact On Your PR

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In SEO, link building plays a key role. It is a process where inbound links linking to one’s page are created. These quality links play a vital role in improving the visibility of one’s website and thus attracts more traffic. A site with high visibility and huge traffic ranks higher on various search engines. It is more of a relationship building between you and the rest.

Following are a few handy tips for an effective and efficient link building:

Placement Of Links: The links must be placed appropriately and not forcibly. It has to look natural otherwise it will make no difference to your visibility. Google’s Panda and Penguin look for duplicate, irrelevant, low quality site etc., due to which your PR can be affected.

Directory Submission: It is a way by which you submit your website to them. This will really help in the initial stage and must be kept on. It is an easy process and is very useful at the same time.

Relevant Links: The inbound links must be relevant to the content. It is relevancy, that will enable Google to give you a higher PR. Irrelevant links are to be avoided as the reader will not be interested.

Quality And Unique Content: The content should be made keeping the reader in mind. Google webmaster is smart to detect any copying and also unnatural links. The last thing you would want to see is the content on which you have spent hours for has been banned or penalised. Hence, hire a professional or give adequate time in making unique content. Content which is remarkable is preferred for linking.

Relationship Building: Know your competitors and people having a relevant business. Building a strong relationship will benefit both. It is a give and take policy, where you link them in your blogs and they will do the same for you.

Keyword Links: Link the keywords in your blog or article to your desired landing page. Make sure that there are not too many keywords being linked as this will result in spamming.

Distribution Of Links: Make sure that your links are distributed to all your pages. Having many links on a single landing page can create problems and is also very hard to fix. Create sub sections for pages in order to spread out the links which link to them.

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