Importance of Maintaining a Social Media Calender for your Campaign



Social media marketing is a process of driving sales and attracting new customers through posting/sharing valuable content on favorite sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. When you are posting for business, it is better to keep content scheduled and organized. To get it organized will make your social media task less daunting. All you have to do is to create is a social media content calendar. Those involved in social media marketing must have experienced that managing various accounts and creating unique content is both difficult. Thus, a calendar would help you not only with publishing high-quality content but also give you time to gauge return on investment.

Why create a Social media calendar?

A social media calendar helps you create a content marketing strategy for important dates so that there are no chances of you missing out on vital information. A calendar allows you to keep your content organized in a single place so that you can keep them organized and you can fragment certain activities to manage the content volume that needs to be published on monthly, weekly and daily basis. You can manage content promotion for various social channels quickly. By keeping a social media calendar, you can overcome many challenges and utilize resources carefully. A calendar gives copywriters an idea about the topics to be covered for the next social media posts and this will give them an extended time to think about a topic to make it look more engaging. Writers can also be allowed to update the previously published posts. It may sometimes happen that the social media post is conveying the required message and it needs to be edited. With a deadline looming, you can be rest assured that the last minute changes can be made as you still have time in hand to modify the content. Once the content is ready, you assign the posts for different social channels.

With social media marketing calendar, you can manage various aspects including postings, promotions,blog posting, scheduling, and timing.

  1. Blogging on social media channels is a great way to keep customers engaged with compelling content.
  2. When you think of social media posting, you should be sure about what message you want to share and you can note this in calendar so that it can be easily shared on social networking site as per the schedule.
  3. A calendar can also be used when should the offers and promotions be announced.
  4. The thumb rule of social media is posting 2-3 messages/posts each day and you can schedule it on your calendar.

Since social media is an evolving field, it is necessary that marketers should have an idea of what is the shelf life of a particular post. This can be judged how much audience it has reached and how much exposure it has got. When we say evolving, your calendar should be planned in such a way that if there is any new/latest information that needs to be shared, your calendar should be able to adjust it as per your social media posting strategy. Often, social media experts may be confused how to manage posting to various accounts and what should be shared. Drafting a simple calendar can get you out of the muddle. So, when you know what to post when to post, you can easily get an expert hand in social media marketing.

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