iPhone Users More Social & Consume More Data Than Android Users



apple-vs-androidIphone users are younger and more active on social media than Android users, according to New Research From comScore. They are more inclined to listen to digital radio on their phones than Android users. The Android users on the other hand spend more time playing games on their phones consuming news and visiting sports-related apps and websites.

iPhone vsAndroid users : Minutes per visitor spent
A typical iPhone user spend 1,102 minutes each month using social networks while Android users spend only 745 minutes on an average.

There were similar results seen regarding digital radio and photo usage. The average iPhone user spent 530 minutes on digital radio in February, compared to 203 minutes for Android users. iPhone owners also spend more time taking photos and using photo-sharing utilities:320 minutes per month as compared to Android owners’ 117 minutes per month.
On the gaming front, it was observed that Android owners do spend more time playing games. An Android user spends 670 minutes each month playing games while iPhone owners spend just 341 minutes.

These results could be an indicator towards the demographical differences. Casual gaming tends to attract a lot of attention from middle-aged lot and older smartphone owners, and Android users are more towards the mature side.

Almost a quarter (21.4 percent) of iPhone users are between the ages of 18-24 while just 17.5 percent of Android users fall in under that age bracket. Two-fifths of Android users (40.7 percent) are between 35 and 54 as compared to 37.1 percent of iPhone users.

Another Research from NPD Group’s reveals that users in the U.S. consume more data on average than Android users . The firm examined accounts belonging to 1,500 smartphone owners across Verizon Wireless (VZ), AT&T (T), Sprint (S) and T-Mobile from October 2012 to January 2013. The study found that Apple (AAPL) handset owners downloaded an average of 1.12 gigabytes per month as compared to Android users, who downloaded 0.92 gigabytes of data on average per month.

Samsung is trying to change their with their upcoming samrtphones to target younger audiences as well.

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