Is Social Content Curation The Next “It” Thing?



Curating content is a great marketing tool. This blog describes what benefit contentcuration has to offer for your customers, your brand, and your SEO.

1. Keep in mind ‘customer benefit’

Curating content can work extremely well if your audience genuinely feel they are gathering benefit out of it. Every curated piece should revolve around on providing benefit to your audience. Publishing content regularly portrays that you are active, alert and updated. It builds trust in the minds of the customer and portrays that you are passionate about what you do and aware of your industry’s latest happenings. Besides, curated content requires very little effort to begin with.

2. Your brand benefit

Bonding with your industry colleagues is important to the ultimate success of your business. All may not agree to this, but sharing information between colleagues and even competitors occasionally is the secret sauce to success. When you post informative and interesting content that attracts your colleagues’ interest , it automatically increases your visibility and poses you as a thought leader. Once you are accepted as a thought leader, people listen to what you have to say and your products are considered highly credible. Curating content has a much more direct impact on your business as the person who curates it, gets to know a lot about the trends even before they actually arrive sometimes.

3. Increase the value of your SEO
Even if you just curate for little over a month, you will see the difference in the traffic on your page-it will increase by some percentage. Google requires websites to meet its content freshness requirements, so all you need is fresh content and keyword-rich links to your site’s most important pages, that is shareable.

The brands are slowly realizing that merely being on social media is not enough, what you publish is rather more important. Social networks like Pinterest have made it relatively easy to share content in an attractive way through images.

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