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Moms like to share on social media,whether they are passionate or are agitated about a brand. They will make it sure that their opinions are voiced. We decided to throw some light at the latest stats to know more about the current social behavior of moms.

The latest fact checkers are ShareThis and Digitas. They surveyed 200,000 moms to find out how they interact with social media. They wrapped up their results into a slide show called “Wired for Sharing” , some of the slides are highlighted as below.

ShareThis-MomsStudy_May2013-FINAL-7If you think Social moms are hooked to Facebook, you are wrong. About 34 percent of moms are on Facebook as compared to the general audience which is 56 percent. Although Facebook has a majority of the social mom population, whats interesting to note is that Pinterest is not left far behind, with 29 percent. It seems Tumblr really does not suit the moms , it has managed to get only percent. What’s missing from this list is Instagram. That traditionally skews young, so perhaps it came in lower than 1 percent and thus did not make the chart.

We move on to the next question , which is about ‘when’.

ShareThis-MomsStudy_May2013-when-9Unlike popular belief that people check social media sites first thing in the morning, this study shows the peak time for social moms is 3pm whereas for the average Joe it is 8:00 pm.





Another one – What kind of content are social moms the most likely to share?

 ShareThis-MomsStudy_May2013-FINAL-4No prizes for guessing this one. The most shared content by moms is related to parenting (18 percent), not far behind, it is followed by movies and television (15 percent) and technology (10 percent) respectively. The content shared on beauty is actually the lowest, it scores a mere 2 percent. Now, this one is a shocker.


After gathering information from this chart we can probably shift our morning social posts to 3 pm at noon. No matter what your brand is, always find a way to insert a parenting or a movie or a technology related Facebook post or tweet. It would be a faster route to get attention from social moms.

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