Latest Trends to Watch Out for in Social Media Marketing



When it comes to marketing, its important to keep oneself abreast of emerging trends used to promote products. Social media is also touted as the best place to learn the next big things in marketing horizons. At the Social Media Marketing 2014 event held in San Diego, California, many top marketing experts discussed on the latest trends doing rounds on the social media scene. It is the most easiest and common way to gain traffic through social networking sites. Check out some of the upcoming trends that are here to stay for good:

Social Media a necessity: According to market research, social media marketing has now become a necessity rather than luxury. It is considered to be an essential activity to increase your presence on social scene. About 92% of businesses are actively participating in social media marketing. Many businesses do not have trained professionals to carry out day-to-day social task. It is a great way to build relationships. The greatest advantage here you can engage with your prospective clients and other loyal customers without making large investments. If not adopted by companies, sales will be affected.

Increase in use Google+: The integration of Google+ makes its accessible to all users as it is the default tab on Google page. There is possibility that this application will surge ahead of Facebook as millions use Google’s free services Gmail, Search, Doc etc. When you have an application that serves your purpose similar top social networking site then why jump to Facebook. Other reasons for switching to this site are Google Authorship is merged with Google+ page and Google+ Local merged with Google Places.

Use of more visual content apps: It is predicted that photo sharing applications such as Instagram, Pinterest and Mashable’s Snap chat will be used more by businesses giving a boost to visual content applications. Images will continue to capture user’s attention.

Growth in use of LinkedIn: LinkedIn will emerge as the top player with most of B2B marketers increasing investment in this platform. It is a primary network for business and it is expected to create competition B2C platform such as Facebook and Twitter.

Micro-video platform: Use of micro-video platforms such as Video on Instagram and Vine (six-second video app owned by Twitter) will also grow. It has become one of the hottest trends in the land of social media. Micro-video platforms are used biggest brands as a tool to engage with audiences in a matter of moments.

The trends reflect the popularity of social media marketing. It will be interesting to witness what new changes emerge in the rest of the year.

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