Link Building – How, What and When?

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Link builders today are faced with fierce competition. The reason is quite simple. Targeted link building is not adopted by many link builders. But how do you get targeted link building in place? What can be done to help resolve the issue?

 Here are a few points, one should make note of the following misconceptions.

  1. There is a policy followed by people, which states, ‘New strategy for each link partner’. However, this is a misconception. You do not need to come up with a new link strategy every time. The same strategy can be used again and again. The repetition gets better with every use, and saves time too.

  2. Link builders work hard, harder, hardest to to get the best links. Again, that is not needed. Building links, which are not the best links, is even good enough. ‘Not the very best links’ are available easily too.

  3. ‘The worked traffic isn’t showing up!’ You thought of this one, right? A solution to this can be understood with the help of a following example. A novel editor or a publication house, do not get requests on a daily basis. No, not even weekly or monthly. As a professional link builder for such websites, you need to understand that links don’t generate the required level of traffic regularly. If you generate an ‘x’ level of organic traffic, and the competitors better than you do not achieve that level, you are doing good.

  4. ‘The efforts are paying off better than planned.’ Yes, this is a misconception too at times, for specific websites. Let’s assume an example of on-line stores. Such websites are capable of driving traffic every minute, every second. If you generate an ‘x’ level of organic traffic, and the competitors not as good as you are performing better, you are doing it wrong. The category above is completely different from this category

  5. ‘Keywords don’t matter’. This misconception is fortunately cleared from the minds of many link builders, but some still are sticking to it. Keywords do matter. If you are working on a cake shop website, and your keywords are ‘seo’, ‘ppc’, ‘smo’, etc. then that is no good news. You need to press for the right keywords.

  6. ‘The same keywords are the best practice’ No! This is not true. With Google Panda and many other updates, you are required to stay updated and make use of the best keywords, which are useful for the respective website.

  7. ‘One-off link building helps in generating individual links’. That is not the way to go for. You need to work on understanding, ‘how and what’ meaningful links are. A simple case would be, ‘copy’ stuff works good, but is not long lived. Get the real stuff and reap the benefits for the time to come. The authentic and real stuff can give you the ‘talking about’ praise.

Make sure that the above noted points are understood, and you use them next time while forming SEO strategy.

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