Need For SEO In Todays Business World



Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a form of online marketing, by which the visibility of one’s page is improved on various search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc. It is also one of the process to improve website traffic. Studies show that over 90% people who find your website, find it through various search engines. Nowadays, no one takes the effort to find you through ‘Yellow Pages’. Out of all the search engines available, ‘Google’ has over 70% market share. Thus to compete in this highly competitive world, Search Engine Optimization is an ideal choice. It is considered to be one of the best techniques to increase traffic on one’s website, increase one’s sales and thus, earn more profits. Studies show that over 60% people click on the search results displayed on the first page and don’t move on to the rest of the pages. This is also because people’s searches have now become refined, they put in long sentences to search to get satisfying results on the first page itself.

It is said that as many as 80% of the users click on the organic links as compared to the paid links on the results page. The paid links are charged on ‘pay per click’ basis. However the organic links are not charged and are free of cost; that means you will not be charged if anyone clicks them.

Why Do You Need SEO? 

  • Spending on SEO for your business is not a cost, it is an Investment.
  • It creates brand awareness.
  • It targets your actual buyers i.e your target audience.
  • Amongst the cheapest forms of advertising.
  • Helps you build your identity in the market.
  • Gives you an edge over your competitors.
  • A very economical and one of the cheapest ways of advertising.


All of the above makes SEO a very important and a crucial element for every business. In todays business world with endless competitors in almost every stream SEO can give you that much needed competitive edge, making your brand well received and well recognized in the market which will eventually boost your sales and help your business prosper and grow.

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