Reasons Why SEO Campaigns Fail



Are you one of those who has had bad experience with SEO? In a very rare case, it may happen that an SEO campaign fails, which is caused due to variety of reasons. There’s no blame game when a campaign fails, as you with your whole team as well as your client has striven day and night for this project. Clients always expect overnight results without knowing the fact that SEO is along process. Many reasons are responsible for the failure, some of which include unrealistic client expectations, lack of communication, avoiding regular check of ROI, not hiring skilled SEO expert. The below details will help you to know in detail for SEO campaign failure:

Lack of Realistic Goals: This is the major reason why most of the SEO projects do not deliver desired results. Clients expect overnight results when they hire an SEO expert. Trust me, it is not at all an easy job to get high ranking for a website. It requires immense research and analysis to create a realistic goal that meets your business needs. Many firms promise to provide instant results but they ignore this fact that search engine optimization is a long process and one needs to have patience.

Lack of Communication: Whether your company is a service/ product vendor, communication is the first tool that helps your business to survive and impresses the client. It may happen sometimes that the client is not able to put forward his expectations and in such cases firms should make an effort to introduce your service thoroughly stating its characteristics and how it would be beneficial for their business. SEO companies can prepare a questionnaire which helps to determine what are the client’s expectations. It all depends on you how proactive, open and honest you are in communication and this may help you to attract client’s attention, may be able to suggest his views freely. Not providing timely responses to client’s queries and inquiries is also a sign of bad communication.

Not Providing Regular Updates: It is very necessary that a client is given regular updates. This plays a vital role as you can let the client know that you care for their project and keep him interested. By avoiding this, you too may lose interest in the project which may hamper its results and cause you to take a wrong move.

Failure to Use Data Effectively: Not using Google analytics and Google Webmasters effectively by expert is hailed as reason for failure. These tools are basically designed to know how an SEO campaign is performing and how the website is responding to a particular strategy. Only knowing about improvements is rankings is not enough. Use of these tool for data analysis provides you an idea about the overall results.

Poor Keyword Research: Poor keyword research leaves clients to question about SEO and this reason is enough for a campaign to fail. Without knowing the terms which audiences use, how will you be able optimize a site? Many SEO consultants tend to miss the targeted keywords that are used by the established competitors. This is especially helpful when the client’s site is new. Failing to create keyword review and audit is also one of the reason for a campaign to perform poorly. A regular keyword review is recommended in a fast moving and competitive market.

No Track Record of ROI: Websites other than e-commerce have no other way to measure the return on investments. There are every few client websites which are able to measure the number of inquiries from sources like emails, faxes and contact forms online. Keeping a track on inquiries is essential to judge whether online marketing is working or not.

Knowing well about the latest trends in SEO is important so that you do not miss on anything that will be useful for the campaign. You never know how this knowledge base would help to prevent errors in future. To run a successful campaign, choose Valuehits, which is known for delivering strategy-driven SEO in Mumbai.

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