Reasons Why Email Marketing Fails



After all the time and effort your spent to create an email marketing campaign for your business, you expect something in return that can pay off all your hard work. But what you get is sheer appointment due to less or no traffic at all to your website. So where did you go wrong? As per your strategy, you did everything a marketer should.

Well, what happens is we often pay no attention to minor details that become the reason for our campaign failure. Here we have put down some of the most common reasons why email campaigns fail to achieve the desired result.

#1 Not reaching the target audience

The most crucial aspect of any marketing campaign is to reach out to the right audience. Delivering your content to people who are not interested in your products and services is completely useless. Sort out your niche market and get to the audience that can be turned into customers. Quality is more important than quantity, so next time you run an email campaign, update your database with specific recipients.

#2 Using an unattractive subject line

The subject line is capable of either making or breaking your business. Your subject line is the determining factor as it is the first impression of your overall campaign and if it fails to catch your customer’s attention, your entire campaign becomes a waste. A research has shown that users decide whether to send the email to trash or open it right after reading the subject line. Ensure to use a captivating subject line that will grab customer attention and compel them to open and see the content.

#3 Don’t be an anonymous marketer

Emails from unknown marketer will end up nowhere but in the spam box. Sending emails to recipients who didn’t even ask for it will mark you as spam, giving a negative look to your campaign. The best way to drive in the audience is to go for a double opt-in protocol where the subscriber has to subscribe to mailers as well as confirm the subscription through a confirmation mail they receive.

Double opt-in tends to receive a higher response than single opt-in, increasing the chances of conversion rate.

#4 Sending mailers through personal mail account

Due to a narrow budget, most marketers often make the biggest and most unethical mistake of sending mailers from their personal account. Forget about reaching to your customer, your e-mailers will land directly in the spam folder.

Email marketing service providers charge you a fee in order to run your campaign, except for some providers that offer free packages for small accounts. Moreover, there are plenty of other providers that offer email marketing at affordable rates, which will help you streamline your campaign and run it appropriately.

#5 Not optimized for mobile phones

Nowadays, people largely use their mobile phone to check their emails and optimizing your mailers for mobile devices is the best thing you can do to further boost your campaign.

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