Rise of Branded Magazines



Branded content was once a pure digital marketing jargon. Brand magazines can help you achieve your desired positioning in the minds of your stakeholders and customers. They help you position the voice of your brand, be it edgy, luxurious or down to earth.

Branded content vs Traditional Publications

Branded content has spread its wings and this has made the traditional publications start taking notice. People it seems show more interest in Red Bull and Nike than in Wall Street Journal or the New York Times.

Branded content is gradually rising

Branded content is gradually getting more attention from brands. We all know about branded blogs, but branded magazines is the new emerging trend . They are basically owned media in the form of online publications created and produced by brands and their agencies to directly compete with traditional magazines. The only distinctive divide between a branded magazine and a branded blog is that the content of a branded magazine is more advertising savvy than the latter.

Branded Magazines Overtake Brand Sites

It is been increasingly observed that brands have been linking their social networking pages to brand magazines rather than the website. This strategy may seem to block conventions, but fresh content far outweighs stagnant product information. It is better to have a long term fan base rather than a single sale visit on a product page.

Ad-Content Ratio & Quality

Procter & Gamble’s “Home Made Simple” one of the original branded magazines, and one of the most successful too. P&G has decrypted the ideal ratio of advertising to content. The ads throughout the Home Made Simple site promote products, with articles routinely including “Quick Tips”. However, as Procter & Gamble prioritizes the quality of its content, consumers do not seem to mind.

No Catalogue

What the brands need to watch out for is that their magazine should not resemble a catalogue or any other marketing based content. The customers might like them but reading an online magazine induces a different kind of mindset.


You can meet prospective customers
Build increased loyalty
You can position yourself as a thought leader on current issues and trends
Be a pool for information that is relevant to your audience
Reinforce your style and voice
Give depth and relevance to your brand in an environment you can control

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