Rise of the Digital Omnivores



Digital omnivores, even if you pass them by, chances are you will go unnoticed. Things can go messy, however when you peek over their shoulder to read what they are reading. Digital omnivores are consumers that consume tablets, laptops and mobile.

According to the new Deloitte State of the Media Democracy there has been a dramatic rise in the digital omnivore population. 26 percent of consumers have converted into one of these creatures as they own a laptop, a smartphone and a tablet.

Tablet ownership is almost up by 177 percent last year. It does not get as crazy as this. Digital omnivores are passionate creatures. 93 percent are of the opinion that Internet access is the most valued household subscription. Infact more than half were ready to pay a little extra to get a little more speed.

The recent trend shows that more than half are buying more e-books than they can chew, while tablet owners, as a subset, stream movies 70 times more often that non-tablet owners.

Digital omnivores are highly dependent on their mobile devices, and many are cutting ties with traditional options. You will find that only 30 percent of millennials pay to keep a landline in their home and only 46 percent pay for TV. Why would they spend if they can watch everything they want via the Internet or download and since they always have a cell phone in their hand, who needs a household phone?

Is it possible, that we will reach a point where cable and television will become obsolete? That is quite a deep thought. It is however more likely that they will transform into providers of on demand and mobile services.

Renting is the New Owning.

According to Deloitte, more than twice as many customers are likely to rent rather than own video entertainment. It is an interesting turn of events as there was a time when everyone was rushing to Blockbuster to rent the latest movie. You may not find a Blockbuster, but Redbox spits out an average of 1600 DVDs a minute. Even Amazon gives customers a choice of buying a movie download or just renting a digital file. You can even rent ebooks from Amazon or the local library. The digital omnivore population is set to take over and become a dominant species on our planet.



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