SEO Tips For An E-commerce Website



Nowadays a number of companies have entered into the industry of online shopping that it becomes difficult for one to gain competitive advantage. And in this, investing on something that may not remain constant for the very next moment may seem to you worthless expenditure. However, since most e-commerce sites sell almost all those products that are found on the other, SEO becomes crucially important for your business to improve search results in major search engines and get your website on top.

The below are some of the tips for an e-commerce website to gain SEO benefits

Keyword Research: Keywords lie at the core of SEO and no business online can be left separated from it. Identify your keywords by performing some keyword research to see what your audiences are typing in while searching for a particular product. For instance, if they are looking for “camera”, putting efforts in getting your site on top for such a broad keyword could be simply waste of time. Instead get to know what brand or model they are actually searching. You can use such keywords in web page content, title, tags, and URLs.

Product Description: From visitors point of view, displaying an image and name of the product is more than enough to identify the product and purchase it. But, for search engines, its of no use. As search engine crawlers cannot crawl over an image, displaying it has no effect on them. Thus, a web page having not much information, especially text, is always left unattended and will never get in top result pages. To overcome this, add unique description for each product.

Product Reviews: Another best practice to drive more customers to your site is through product reviews. With so many e-commerce websites, shopping portals, and other online buying means, it becomes difficult for buyers whom to trust and what to select. Hence, product reviews can prove to a solution to such buyers. Allow your visitors, surfers or customers to add reviews of product on your site. This is beneficial to you not only from users point of view, but also from SEO perspective. Besides knowing what your viewers think or have experienced with the product, you will also get fresh and unique content on your page that is not at all present elsewhere and this will bring the search engine spiders back to crawl your website again and again.

Optimize The Most Demanding Pages: Although an e-commerce website is usually huge enough with sometimes having thousands of pages, optimizing the most demanding pages is often recommended to gain competitive advantage. But this doesn’t mean you have to optimize all of them or those that having the products. Its just that those pages that you wish to sell the most or those that represent your popular product pages. Simply prioritize the pages and start working your way down.

Website Navigation: Besides SEO, another important key factor for an e-commerce website to gain competitive advantage is through ease of navigation. A website that has easier navigation can attract a lot of visitors on its own without much marketing efforts put in. Hence, make sure your visitors can easily surf your website and find whatever they are looking for. 

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