The 10th anniversary Of AdSense Benefits Users

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As AdSense is celebrating its 10th anniversary, it is making it a point to provide some useful tips to its users. Also, its coming up with training classes and upgrading its dashboard as well. As per Google, ‘it wants to take care of heavy lifting so one can concentrate on generating better content’.

We al know Google is always improving its mechanism to remove spammy sites or sites made purely for SEO purposes and recognizes the ones which provide quality and informative content. Gone are the days where you could afford to create small content made solely for SEO purposes and reap the benefits out of it by ranking higher and gaining popularity. Now in order to expand your business and generate leads you need to write better content and work hard towards gaining popularity due to the fierce competition.

Check out AdSense 10 Tips for 10 Years , which is a short slideshow that is great to begin with. Also, one can sign up for the AdSense 10 Challenge which is a course that lasts for a period of 10 weeks on Google+ and provides you with a lot of benefits on how to make the best out of your web site. It is a free of cost program but requires patience due to its duration. Towards the ends its all going to be worth it. So make the best use of this opportunity that Google has to offer.

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