Top Five SEO Techniques To Avoid



Different SEO experts implement various techniques to bring their client site on top results of search engines. Many of them have huge experience in search engine optimization and know the ins and outs of it. However, there may be some that are actually using certain techniques that may not be allowed or may be one should avoid in SEO. Whether it is disallowed or not recommended, in either case it becomes mandatory for you to know those techniques and make sure your SEO experts or company isn’t implementing for your business site. 

Let us find out those few techniques that can either ban or penalize your website from search engine result pages. Once you realize all those things that are right or wrong, you will soon start making more profits than ever before. 

Do not use hidden links. 

If you are creating hidden links, then that indicates you are actually those from your viewers. Search engines can identify this. This shows the site is prepared only for the search engines and not for the visitors. This technique is primarily used for link promotion or for PR benefit. Search engines consider this as Spam and may penalize a site having such kind of hidden links. 

Avoid keyword stuffing. 

Keyword stuffing is done to target a lot of keywords on one single page, so that you don’t have to create too many pages to target each one of them in their individual pages. It indicates putting all the keywords on the same page and displaying all or some of them to the viewers. Although visitors will not be knowing about the keywords if their exists, search engine bots will catch it and rank that page for all those keywords. With the advancements in the search engines algorithm, this technique no more works for any search engines. You will be penalized for this. 

Never use doorways to attract your visitors. 

Doorways are used to create web pages instantly targeting all the keywords in it. Although its content is mostly copied and of no use to the viewers, some companies use this technique to drive more traffic and increase website conversion. Again this can penalize you from all search engines pages. 

Never publish duplicate content on your site. 

Search engine crawlers are desperately looking for new content. Thus many companies copies content of some other site and publish it on their own site. This clearly increases the percentage of duplicate content on your site that is not at all allowed. Sooner or later you will be penalized for this. 

Never go for “cloaking” method in SEO. 

Cloaking is one of the black hat techniques that one must avoid completely. In this, different page is shown to website viewers and search engine bots. This technique may fascinate you for certain time limit, but implementing this may either penalize your site or may even ban in extreme case. Most search engines suggests webmasters to build web pages or websites for its visitors and not for search engines. And hence such kind of techniques are not at all accepted anyhow. 

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