Tumblr Camouflages Ads Into the Mobile Stream

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Tumblr seems to be going against the tide of advertising. Why is it so? We can say this as even though the photoblogging site is loaded with brand name accounts, the entire site still leans heavily on the artistic and the offbeat. The people who like a Tumblr such as One Tiny Hand (photoshopped pics of IMG_0022_270x479celebrities with one, tiny doll hand in place of their real hand) may not respond with well to display ads for Oreo in their mobile feed. Tumblr, for the first time is making its advertisements unavoidable as content that flows through the stream. Tumblr , however says it can very well handle this, as their ads are special. They are content based and are barely visible in the stream.

The latest campaign doing rounds on Tumblr right now is the film- The Great Gatsby. The Great Gatsby has captured the fashion and style of the era very well. The majority of the post are fan art and this works as the studios are embracing fans instead of ignoring what they really would like to see. Besides, this is a great word of mouth for the movie. This is the right kind of advertising. This mobile ad invites you to follow the official movie Tumblr. It also includes the word Sponsored and a dollar sign in the header so you know it’s been paid for.

Tumblr maybe on the quest to earn some dollars , but it is certainly doing so the right way. Their mobile users have almost quadrupled over the last eight months. Infact, it will not catch them unaware if they have more mobile users than web users.As always, the trouble with mobile marketing is the lack of space which makes any disruption all the more noticeable and irritating. Tumblr’s going for welcome and informative. So far, so good. Other mobile advertisers should take note.
The mobile users will soon see sponsored Tumblr stories that are denoted by the “sponsored” label and a dollar sign icon. Tumblr has just released their first app for Windows Phones.

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