Types Of Natural Link Building That Shows Effective Results

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Whether working with your own team or you have hired some firm to manage your online marketing, experts focus mainly on off-site optimization, especially link building.  If you have no idea about it, you must be curious to know about this new concept and its benefits. You may want to know if they are effective and result oriented. Let us find out how important or beneficial it is in this blog.

Most SEO expert uses various types of link building strategies throughout their Internet marketing campaign. No matter what you choose, the main purpose of link building is to increase search engine ranking and traffic to your website.

1. Social Networking and Social bookmarking: It is considered to be the most easiest way of getting backlinks and driving traffic from social media sites. However you need to be careful when dealing with those sites because what works with one, may not be beneficial for the other site and thus needs your prime attention. You can also use your keywords, which will be shared among contacts and hence beneficial.

2. Forum/Blog Posting: Here forum and blogging sites are found to make relevant comments or posts on their particular article or blog and a link with your keyword will also be added to it. The main advantage of using this type of link building technique is that you will get potential targeted visitors to your site.

3. Article Directories: Here a uniquely written article targeting your keywords along with your website link is submitted in article directory websites. If done in an effective manner, the article directory submission can help you drive huge quality backlinks to your website.

4. Press Release Submission: Here a uniquely written news article is submitted in various press release directory and leading news site. It is one of the best way of obtaining natural backlinks from different sources. To drive more visitors to your site and to see huge effect of it, provide the most recent news about your company or market in your news article.

5. Squidoo Lens: Squidoo Lens is the latest concept of link building and is full of fun. It is yet another most beneficial for you to get backlinks to your website. It helps greatly to drive huge traffic to your website. In present time, Squidoo lenses are ranked higher in the search engines, if optimized correctly. 

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