VivaKi Study Highlights Top 3 winning Ad Models for Tablets



avis_-_project_re-_brief_by_googleA recent VivaKi study has outlined three of the best ad models for companies attempting to break into the world of tablet advertising. According to the research , banner to full screen, pre-roll with overlay, and rich media interstitial are the most effective advertisements for tablets. This study comes from a long research of over 14 months into the most successful tablet ad campaigns.

VivaKi found that one of the best types of banner ads for tablets is the banner to full page model. The ad allows advertisers to show banners that can be expanded to cover the full page. They enable you to offer rich media content on the full length of a tablet’s screen. If your talking about videos then the best approach is to offer pre-roll ads with an overlay. The ads offer advertisers the ability to engage users through games, video, and social media before they start to watch their video.

Another engaging ad model is the use of rich media interstitials. VivaKi says the rich media interstitials lets advertisers communicate directly with consumers using the full resources of the tablet.

Tablets were still very much in their infancy when we started our research in the space. We knew we needed to work with marketers and publishers to learn about the advertising potential of this game-changing device,” said Tracey Scheppach, VivaKi executive vice president, innovations director, and founder of The Pool, in a statement. The amount of research we conducted is unprecedented; we reached one in three tablet users, so we feel quite confident that the learnings we uncovered are reflective of consumers’ wants and needs with regards to their tablet advertising. Above all, we learned Steve Jobs gave marketers a gift and now is the time to ignite it in the marketplace.VivaKi has collected surveys from over 44,000 participants. This exhaustive study reportedly took over 14 months to complete. Surveys were taken from a plethora of marketers and consumers.

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