When Ratings and Reviews Marry Into Your Social Marketing Programs……



Many marketers have realized the potential of ratings and reviews to drive sales from their websites. However only few have leveraged such user-generated content across their social media marketing programs.Positive ratings and 5 star reviews from online consumers are a powerhouse of marketing content. More than 65 percent of people look up for reviews before actually buying the product. A majority of these consumers are of the opinion that they would never but an electronic gadget
Quite simply, consumers trust other consumers views for purchasing.

Here are three concrete tips to keep in mind while introducing ratings and reviews into your social marketing.

1) Get sorted
Your customers may send you hundreds of reviews per week on your site, as well as on third-party review sites. It is a work out to keep up with all this activity. Try integrating your ratings and reviews into your social media marketing platform. This way you can manage, monitor and automatically distribute reviews on key social channels alongside other user-generated content. A positive review in a social conversation is enough to endorse your work and effort.

2) Don’t discount every negative review
You may occasionally come across negative feedback. This is natural. It could be a negative review about your product/service or your brand. In such cases, damage repair is of the utmost importance and should not be delayed. Reach out to the customer as quickly as possible. You already maybe offering a discount, free replacement, or other incentive.However, keep in mind that some negative reviews can actually turn out to be positive customer service experiences. It looks a bit authenticate to have 100% glowing reviews. Try selecting the lesser attractive reviews to share on Twitter, Facebook, or another social network, highlighting how you fixed the problem. Thank the customer later for the honest feedback. The motive here is to engage an audience in an honest two-way dialogue that keeps them coming back.

3) What have I achieved?
Populating your social stream with review content is just the first step. What about measuring the impact? Make sure you are tracking the impact of specific review content on engagement and conversion via your social media marketing platform. If you are using reviews as both social content and paid ads, measure which campaigns drive the biggest sales and engagement impact, so you can then optimize distribution of reviews.

The best way to measure the impact of review content is to tag the review by product, product page URL, category, keyword, location (and other tags, if appropriate). This will determine what ticks and what does not.You can optimize the program via social network targeting by:

  1. Publish relevant review content on social media based on your fans’ and followers’ social connections, interests, or locations.
  2. Use paid advertising on social networks to include relevant review content in ads. This will assist you in reach out to the highly targeted groups.

For example, fans on your Facebook page who love adventure sports will respond to a paid ad or post that includes a positive review of a trekking bag or rock climbing shoes.

Once you get started with harnessing reviews across your social programs, there is no end to what you can do .

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