Why Loyalty is a Boon for Your Mobile App?



untitled9999999999999999999999There are too many markerters that stress on over just acquisition metrics. It is not that the outcomes and acquisitions do not matter. They do, but what is the use of a mobile app which is unlaunched and the users don’t use them time and again. Engagement and loyalty are the golden words here and this blog is just about that.Perhaps, you should consider measuring loyalty and engagement even before acquisition.

Say, you are launching a new application and turn to use acquisition tactics. You increase your advertising spend and engage a PR firm. You put in all your efforts , gain interested users to your application and 85 percent of them even install your app. However, this is the last that time they ever open it up again. If this happens, this means there are loyalty issues. One should further investigate it and further try to understand as to why it failed the first time. Refine your app and then when you are confident that relevant uses will stick around (with loyalty data to prove it), make a case to increase your marketing spend. To invest more in your marketing spends without understanding attrition first could prove a costly.

Loyalty metrics alert you if your app usage is becoming a ‘habit or not’ for the goal of any mobile app developers is to make their application a “habit” for users. Engagement and more specifically loyalty metrics such as session instances, duration, screens, and conversion rate will tell you if your users agree that your app has become a habit for them. If not, go back to the drawing board and find out what will make it a hit among users and re-work on it again.

It is crucial to measure the business value of your app. Even then, if your users do not return, then you will see low or no outcomes from them. Outcomes or conversions might not take place within the first engagement itself. It may take multiple sessions, depending on your app. Find out how loyal users map to new revenue (word of moth referrals are common) and focus on increasing this key audience.

If you sell something within your app or your app generates advertising revenue, the loyal users will generate much more revenue in the long term. While most app developers and marketers think purely about new users and downloads, try focusing on active, loyal users and how to make them happy. This will assist in your long term app marketing and app loyalty.

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