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Your company Facebook Page is crucial in the competitive world of Internet technology. There are a variety of things you can utilize for your website with regards to social media. We have identified a few tips and tricks for Facebook.

Is Facebook Page a must?
Yes, it is. It is essential to have a Facebook Page and if you already have an existing Facebook Page, you should be actively using it. Few people seem to have a mind block that their business is so unique that they probably have nothing to gain by creating a Facebook Page. Today, almost every website has a Facebook page. It builds validity, if done the right way. On an average, a person spends 14 minutes on Facebook and once someone “likes” your page, anything you post from your company’s Facebook page is posted on their newsfeed. So, in a sense you are building an audience.

How do I get more people to “like” my page?
You can keep an email signature with the Facebook page link. Prospects/customers are more inclined to “like” your page if you are offering something (and it does not have to be a discount). It could be something like this : “Like” our Facebook page for a chance to win an iPad Mini. You can even advertise on Facebook so that people “like” your page for a relatively low cost per click. Sponsored stories can be useful. If Jim likes your page, then all of Jims’ friends will see on their news feed that Jim has liked your page. If Jim likes ABC Company, then it is more inviting for your page to be “liked” by his friends as they know Jim.

Discovering Prospects with Facebook
Targeting your audience on Facebook can be quite interesting. You can pick your audience by demographics, interests, countries or even cities. You can actually select iPad3 or iPhone5 users as a broad category (maybe you have an iPhone application you are promoting) to target.

Entice your Audience
Now that you have got the likes, what is next ? You need to post interesting and relevant content to your audience. Keep it as simple as possible and avoid bombarding the audiences with something like 6 posts per day. You may have bought a few likes but the last thing you want is someone unliking you if you spamm them. You can upload a photo of your latest project, case study, or press release, to increase visibility. You can also do a poll and adding humour to these polls make them even more likeable. The overall goal is to get your audience to do 1 of 3 things: 1. “Like” your post 2. Comment on your post/pick or try starting with a yes or no question 3. Share your post (which shows on all of their friend’s wall). Did you know that “people engage with pages the most between 9pm-10pm”, according to Facebook? Find out the peak timings when your fans are most likely to visit your page. Lastly, if you are too busy to stay engaged with your audience, you can outsource it.

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