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A PPC campaign is not about getting volumes of traffic to your website, instead it is about getting quality convertible traffic through targeting. PPC advertising is complex, a number of factors need to be considered before launching online paid promotion. Bidding on wrong target keywords can leave you economically devastated with wasted bid money, smartly targeted keyword bids can work like magic in generating conversions.

We fabricate a perfect PPC campaign, that is an amalgamation of advertising tactics, market intelligence, consumer psychology, keyword research, competitor analysis, bidding smartness, research statistics, target identification and content expertise. Our experienced digital marketing team builds a matchless PPC campaign around your advertising needs and shells out success.

What PPC Experts do?

Running a paid ad needs a lot of background efforts prior to the launch of the PPC advertisement. We engage in competitor research, keyword research, identifying negative keywords, developing campaign structure, creating ad group and testing advertisement copy, ad scheduling, bid and budget management, landing page optimization, ad re-targeting and re-marketing, conversion tracking, monitoring results and making campaign improvements.

Benefits Of Hiring PPC Experts

If done properly, pay per click advertising has immense potential to deliver targeted traffic. If you are busy with other important stuff, you can hire a dedicated PPC expert for your project for reliable paid advertising results. As PPC is a paid tool, to avoid wastage of time, money and resources, it is mindful to hire an expert. Following are some benefits of hiring a PPC Expert:

  • Communicate directly over phone, IM or mail
  • Efficient management of campaign
  • They adhere to your confidentiality and privacy policy
  • Leverage experience of projects similar to your business
  • Cost-effective and superlative service
  • Stick to deadlines, deliver high-quality
  • Vast experience and in-depth knowledge
  • Always stay updated and receive analysis report
  • Customized campaign for maximum ROI
  • Amplify online sales
Why hire PPC experts Services from Valuehits?

Google Partner

  • Adwords Certified
  • Increased return on Investment through proven techniques
  • Strategic Solutions
  • Review every facet of your business
  • Expert consultation and support

Avail the services of Google adwords certified professionals to manage your PPC campaign. Contact us today to start the collaboration, you can call +91 40 500 600 or mail sales@valuehits.com


Hiring PPC Consultants For Effectively Running Your PPC Campaign

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  • May 7th, 2017
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