Yahoo Advertising

Search engines are the primary source of traffic to any website on the web. Millions of searches take place every day across various search engine platforms, like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. There are surfers who use multiple search engines simultaneously, while there are others who use just one.

It’s Simple

Advertising on Yahoo is similar to Google and Bing Advertising. You can pay for your advertisement to appear in yahoo search results for a selected keyword. You are not charged for impression, you are only charged when the user clicks your ad. The results are highly measurable and you can precisely determine conversion through advertising.

We are there to help you

Reaching out to prospects is mandatory for every business, you cannot ignore the potential of the online user base and the revenues it can generate. We can help you in sorting all your paid online advertising needs with a team of experienced digital propellers.

The difference

The major difference between the users of yahoo and other search engines is that yahoo users are highly engaged with their searches, they have high convertible potential if your ad is able to lure them, they give more actual conversions and close the visit with sales, the competition on yahoo is low, it offers better targeting, precisely measurable results and the cost per click is low.

We have run many pay per click Yahoo advertising campaigns in the past and achieved great results. To know more about our Yahoo Advertising services get in touch with us, you can call +91 22 40500600 or mail