No website is good enough if it is not identified by search engines. With search engine optimization, we make sure that it is easy for search engines to discover and rank your website.

Search Engine Optimization is a complex process involving various activities at different levels. SEO process can take significant time to complete, depending on the nature and size of a business and its SEO needs. A typical SEO process covers the following activities:

1. Website Analysis

We conduct a SWOT analysis of your website, finding its strength, weakness. Opportunities and threats. We understand your product/service, the website, its target audience and business objective to come up with a well researched SEO strategy.

2. Keyword Research

We identify the relevant keywords and check the search volume and the competition for those keywords.

3. Competitive Analysis

We conduct a competitive analysis to understand the SEO strategy and ascertain the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors, next we develop an SEO strategy that gives you an extra edge over them.

4. Creating Site-Wide META Tags

Meta tags target important keywords and help search engines in identifying what your website or web-page is about, our well set meta tags improve site ranking in search results.

5. Website Optimization

We follow a systematic website optimization process for improving a website’s performance to meet SEO objectives and enhance user experience when they visit your website.

6. Content Analysis

Content analysis is a technique we follow to determine the presence of certain keywords in the website content, relevancy of the entire content and frequency of occurrence of keywords, to ensure content fitness.

7. Heading & Alt Tag Analysis

Tags are used by search crawlers to identify website content, heading tag sums up the text and alt tag is the naming of images. We cautiously set tags, right use of tags helps major search engines in identifying your website correctly.

8. Sitemap & Robots.txt Analysis

Sitemap is an organization of a website’s content in the form of a hierarchy, it helps search engines to understand your website pretty well. Robots.txt tells search crawlers what part of a website needs to be blocked from being searched. As a part of the SEO process, we analyze Sitemap and Robots.txt and rectify if needed.

9. Internal Linking Structure

Internal Links are important as they link content to other content on the same website and help your visitors in navigating the website.

10. Web Page Loading Speed

The speed at which a webpage is loaded has a lot of impact on user experience and user interaction with your website, we make sure to keep the load time to minimum.

11. Off Page Optimization

We design a custom link building plan, most suitable for your business and use a blend of referral links. We use local directory and free directory submissions, image submission, articles, blogs, forums, Press releases, social bookmarking and feeds to build external links.

12. Traffic Analysis

We analyse the source of traffic, keywords that bring traffic and visitor statistics to improve the results of an SEO campaign.

13. Reporting

We track performance and generate reports to measure actual performance against expectations to make necessary amendments.

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