Real Estate Marketing

With more than millions of real-estate websites present on the Web, how would you achieve superiority over others?

Your online website needs proven marketing tactic to rule over leading search engines. The best way is to go digital that has helped many brands to reach broad customers locally. Only having a website running is not enough, what you need is maximum visibility for generating profit online.

At Valuehits, we provide digital marketing services including SEO, PPC and SMO especially for real-estate companies.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Real-Estate:

If you are looking SEO for a real-estate website, get in touch with Valuehits. We understand that getting leads online is a demanding element of this industry, for this purpose we provide real estate SEO services.

Benefits of using our seo services for Real-Estate:

  1. Drives visibility online
  2. Boosts the number of leads to your website
  3. Increases revenue of your company
  4. Helps to bring stability in your business
  5. Allows you to boost brand identity

Pay Per Click Services for Real-Estate:

Looking for instant online profitability? We provide real estate PPC services at affordable rates. Our real-estate PPC experts are adept at giving your website instant results. We believe in providing high value by discussing goals of your business, research keywords, and accordingly set up PPC campaigns. We not just create ads, we create brands.

Benefits of using our paid services for real-estate:

  1. Instant gratification
  2. Reach potential customers in short time-frame
  3. Increase visibility locally, as well as internationally
  4. Track your campaign in real-time
  5. Flexibility to set your own budget
  6. Get maximum conversions

Real-estate social marketing:

Get your business viral on social media with Valuehits’ real estate social marketing. For every business, social media is the “Next Big Thing.” Today, everyone is harnessing the power of popular social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and much more! If you’re a real-estate agent, then getting a maximum presence on social media will help you reach maximum customers and have a stellar edge over your competitors.

Benefits of using our social media services for real estate:

  1. Foster as much connections with prospective buyers
  2. Get maximum exposure to your brand
  3. Build loyal followers and credibility for your brand
  4. Increase click-through to your website
  5. Get quick response on social media
  6. Cost-effective marketing technique

If you’re interested real estate internet marketing, get in touch with us today!