LinkedIn Marketing Services

Nowadays everyone wants to be active on all social sites. LinkedIn is a unique social media channel where professionals and businesses connect with each other and share credible professional content. Every seven out of ten professionals are believed to be on LinkedIn, thus LinkedIn Marketing is an important part of our social media marketing campaign.

Businesses count on LinkedIn

Though LinkedIn started as a communication channel between recruiters and job seekers, it has now evolved as a pivotal B2B marketing platform. It aids businesses in connecting with each other, branding and amplifies B2B lead generation. We know how to capitalize on LinkedIn to make it a fruitful business tool. LinkedIn is equally useful to small and large businesses, we help you in maximizing the effective use of this social media channel.

Array of benefits

We prefer LinkedIn’s one stop advertising platform as it allows launching a targeted campaign in no time. In LinkedIn advertising, we can specify a budget, select clicks or impressions and switch on or off your ad anytime.

Concentrated crowd

As a Linkedin marketing consultant, we believe that one doesn’t find any random crowd on LinkedIn. The users on LinkedIn are there for a purpose, unlike Facebook or twitter users, they are there to grow business, build relationships and share opportunities. LinkedIn profiles contain authentic user details and are way more reliable when it comes to targeting.

Volumes of information

Professionals and businesses share enormous valuable information about themselves that makes it easy to target based on a specific criteria. Users also have the power to endorse other people’s skills, hence guaranteeing credibility.

Monitoring and optimization

We monitor and optimize your LinkedIn advertising campaign to make sure you aren’t wasting any money on poorly performing ads or target audience.

There a number of ways in which LinkedIn can benefit a business. Types of LinkedIn advertising that we offer for best results and enhanced brand awareness:

  • Text ads
  • Sponsored ad
  • Sponsored InMail
  • Display Ads
  • Join a group ad
  • Recommendation ad
  • Follow a company ad

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