10 Tips: How to Use LinkedIn to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

By Admin | linkedin advertising | 13 February 2018

Is your business blog interesting but unable to attract adequate online readers?

If you deal B2B, Linkedin is the right choice for you, with Linkedin you can connect with people and businesses in your industry and build traffic through it. Linkedin is the only social yet professional social media platform.

Following are 10 methods to boost traffic to your blog through LinkedIn:

1) Fill all your profile information
The first thing that others see about you is your profile, make it worth visiting and credible. Try to fill all relevant fields of information and attach necessary links wherever possible. Leave no room for suspicion, tell everything very openly and clearly about your business. Never forget to provide a link to your website and blog in your personal and company profile.

2) Start connecting
Begin growing your network once you are done with the profile setup. Connect with people you already know on Linkedin, they may be your colleagues, college mates, schoolmates, clients or others. The more people you are connected with, the more people will see your LinkedIn activities.

3) Stay active
To build blog traffic through Linkedin you need to be active and keep posting regularly to keep your audience interested. Share links to your blogs, status updates, industry information, and events. Pre-plan a calendar for your future postings.

4) Join relevant groups
There are numerous groups on LinkedIn catering to different niches, find groups that match your niche and join them to connect with like-minded professionals. Join groups that are credible, share direct links to your blogs on them.

5) Create your group
You can also create your own group and connect others with it, you can create separate groups for customers, business partners, and influencers. Share quality information on your group and avoid spamming, make it a credible place for business discussions. This will put you in leading position in your niche.

6) Communicate with your network
Make your presence felt, engage and communicate with others on your professional network. Respond to comments, queries, and messages as soon as you receive them. Delayed or no response throw a bad impression. The more you communicate the wider network you will have. Building good relationships is important for driving traffic to your blog.

7) Focus on Content
Sharing is important, but what you share is crucial to your Linkedin identity. Create blog posts that are interesting to read and informative, use catchy images and headlines to keep the target audience glued. Run contests, polls and sweepstakes for interactive communication.


8) Target individuals

You can send blog articles through LinkedIn emails and messages to people you are connected with. Do not copy and paste, craft a personalized e-mail or message including the receivers name and relevant message body.

9) Follow Linkedin influencers

Search and follow influencers in your industry to find great content to share with your connections. Comment mindfully on their Linkedin posts and articles as these are the most viewed content on Linkedin. This will help you in gaining visibility and growing connections.

10) Get a Share button
Place a Linkedin share button on your blog posts to allow readers to share it in their professional network. This increases the reach of your content and readership. With the share button you can also share your article/blog directly on Linkedin, but if you do so, make sure to stay active and reply to comments on your post.

We hope that the above article has been helpful to you. You can also consult with ValueHits digital marketing professionals for framing a powerful strategy to drive traffic to your blog. We provide internet marketing services like SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM, Mobile App Marketing, Media Buying, Online Reputation Management, Content Writing, E-Mail Marketing and White Labeled Services. Get in touch to discuss your digital agenda.

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