7 Must-Follow Instagram Marketing Ideas To Make Your Business Popular

By Admin | | 24 January 2018

Is your Instagram account not doing enough for your business? You can always try out new ways to attract Instagram followers, but a little added insight that we are about to provide can make your work easier. Following are a few Instagram advertising ideas from ValueHits that will make your Instagram audience fall in love with your photos, videos, and brand.

1) Create an interesting profile

Half your work is done if your profile is attractive and engaging having rich, vivacious and colorful media content. High-quality photos and videos work like magic for businesses on Instagram Whatever be your business make it look peppy and eye-catching in your Instagram posts. Your posts must leave your target audience yearning for your products.

2) Do not stick to one location

Cover a broad location in your Instagram posts. If you are a business running in Street Number 474 of Glory Park area try to tag Glory Park in your photo rather than just mentioning the street. This will help you in involving a wide audience and attract more people looking for local businesses in the surrounding vicinity.

3) All-powerful hashtags

Do not underestimate the power of hashtags. Use persuasive, informative and trending hashtags, but do not clutch on an endless hashtag loop. Never use too many or too few hashtags. Only use hashtags that make sense and are related to the post or your business, don’t go weird and miss the plot.

4) Get personal

Add a personalized touch to your Instagram profile. People like interacting with other people and not logos. Your profile should seem humanly and friendly to your visitors. Share pictures of your team, customers, infrastructure, events and products from time to time.

5) Be popular among followers

Try to grab more and more followers, this increases your credibility and trustworthiness. Promote events, advertise, share useful content and run offers on your Instagram profile to keep your existing followers engaged and attract new followers. When you are new to Instagram follow others so that they can follow you back.

6) Define your call-to-action

Your Instagram profile is capable of generating business for you. Make your call-to-action very specific and clear for your followers. Use your profile description to specify where to head from your Instagram page, it can be the link to your website, or to some specific page on your website, application download link, subscription link or your digital portfolio.

7) Use analytics

Use analytics to identify which posts are working for you and which are not. Instagram analytic reports allow you to see everything in one place. Use that information to enhance your post performance, try to post more of what people like and share about your business.

ValueHits is well versed with every social media channel and the type of content posted on them. Instagram is a unique social media channel where you can be expressive, imaginative, creative and innovative. ValueHits implements Instagram marketing to attract new prospects, generate leads, increase website traffic and improve brand visibility.

For a business to win followers on Instagram it should communicate creatively and implement the above-mentioned techniques for increasing its popularity.


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