Can New Competition Check Mate PPC in The Game of Chess?

paid advertising | 23 October 2013 Reading Time: 2 minutes

There have always been companies that have not benefited much from paid search campaigns. However, what happens when successful paid search campaigns of companies find themselves being stabbed by competition?

Where will the companies turn to for compensating for lost sales or lead volume from paid search? One advice that ad agencies give is to advertise more than one brand with the same keywords, especially for this brands that attract different kinds of audiences.
What can you do in such cases?

Firstly, almost eighty percent of traffic will still go for natural search. Remember this, “SEO is priority”. Clear your mind of what you have heard before, and consider investing in SEO just like you invest in other channels. Start new. Scheme on a natural search strategy and you’ll see the overall benefits. Investing in SEO means long term gains which means you will see the fruits once you sow the seeds of SEO. This way you can also shield yourself from further search losses.

Now we move to mobile. Wait! apps are no included in this, we are simply talking only about the mobile usability. Make sure your sites landing pages and emails look good on mobile devices. Almost 50 percent of email are now opened on smart phones and tablets.

Next, re-think your social advertising and target Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks.

Finally, do not give up on PPC entirely but find other creative ways to gain success. Use geo-targeting, RLSA, and other audience segmentation methods that will keep a check on your PPC budget. It is about being present when it’s most effective for you.

Also, establishing active social profiles on networks where advertisers’ target audiences can work really well. Any marketer would acknowledge the challenges of ramping up these channels quickly to make up for losses in paid search.

For some of our client verticals, it can happen that you see better conversion rates and cost per conversion through social advertising compared to paid search on AdWords and Bing.

StumbleUpon’s Paid Discovery is a great, cheap alternative. It allows you to promote your site and specific pages to users on StumbleUpon looking within certain interests as low as just $0.10 per visitor. It works well for informational blogs and sites, though it can go far in promoting sales too.

Customer referral programs are often extremely effective when the offer is right. Also, if affiliate marketing is done right, it can be a great alternative.

Finally, you cannot stress more on the continued importance of email. If an established company is not leveraging email marketing, that’s the first place to start. If you mine your customer database for email addresses and use a third party email marketing platform, you can create a new revenue channel almost overnight.

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