Content Marketing Strategy That Will Drive You More online Traffic

content writing | 11 August 2014 Reading Time: 2 minutes

If you are interested in marketing your business online, then you can’t escape from the trap of content marketing. You have written a content which so interesting, so well-written, so engaging, but it does not get likes or comments the way you had expected it. You try to replicate your own content by looking someone else’s article with the hopes that it will also receive similar response. Here is where content marketing comes into the picture. But have you ever wondered why content marketing is important to your business? Need more traffic but don’t want to pay for it? Then content marketing is the answer.

Title: Its the first thing that matters when it comes to content marketing strategy. Create a headline that you think will grab the attention of audience. This is one of the major factors that will give you more visitors. Optimize your content with keywords. Place keywords in Alt and Title tags.

Audience: An absorbing content will appeal the right audience. And if your content is good enough, it will reach more web-based users. The more quality you publish, the more users will remain loyal towards your site and encourage others to visit your page.

Infographics: Compared to ordinary blog posts, infographics help you drive more traffic. It is the best way to capture attention of customers and it can be easily read. Create infographics which illustrate your content.

Subscription and social media: On your blog page, you can add a subscription button which will be clearly visible to your audience. So that they can remain connected to you whenever you post your next article. When you write a content or a blog which is engaging, you feel it will receive maximum shares. This will take place only when you have specified your address of social networks like Google+, Facebook, Twitter etc. Following other on social media will help you to build social media follow list.

Add RSS feed: You can create RSS feed button for your content. This helps to distribute your write-ups with audience and beyond. Whenever you post a new content, your latest posts will appear on these built-in RSS feed. Feedburner is one of the site that provides service to create RSS feeds.

Commenting & Guest blogging: You can build a relationship with web-based users who comment on your content. Guest blog on popular sites for relevant audience and link it back to your site.

Content length matters: Focus on putting out quality content. The more lengthy is your content with unique information, there are more chances of getting traffic and the more conversion it can generate.

Good content marketing strategy establishes long-term, trusted relationships with current and future customers by regularly delivering high-quality, relevant, and valuable information. By leveraging these best practices, you can create an effective content marketing strategy or fine-tune the one you already have in place.

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