COVID-19s impact on Email Marketing

email marketing | 18 May 2020 COVID-19s impact on Email Marketing Reading Time: 2 minutes

For the first time in modern history, the email marketing industry is witnessing a crisis. As the whole world is fighting the deadly virus, many industries have taken their marketing strategy to the digital arena. And since the lockdown, email marketing and social media have become the prime mode of communication and engagement with the audience.

Email Marketing Services have been put to good use and have turned out to be an impressive factor in terms of dealing with the crisis. Here’s how email marketing has adapted to the current situation:

Mail Volume:

The number of emails sent has gone up in volume considerably. During the self-isolation period, brands were asking people to stay safe and maintain hygiene. During the second week, the mails described how the business is handling the work and dealing with the crisis. The subtle empathy and publicity about acts of goodwill was the bottom line of these emails. And the pattern remains the same for the coming weeks for the Email Marketing Service Providers.

Click and open rates:

Industries that were holding digital events and canceling physical engagement are sending emails to their customers. These are mostly related to the crisis with relevant information and has resulted in a good click and open rates.

Unsubscribe rates:

Unsubscribe rates have been fluctuating as it depends on a lot of other factors like design, the content of emails, and how you are regulating your email sends. Spamming your users or trying to generate leads during this time is a big risk that you would be taking in this situation. Although the perfect blend of good design, content & action, your campaign might even hit the jackpot.

Do’s of email marketing:

– Prioritize your message it at all you need to send an email
– Segment your messages according to the engagement
– Avoid trying to interact with an inactive user
– Sender’s address and subject line should reflect your brand name
– Keep your email simple, concise and straightforward
– If you are informing or announcing something, use the cross-platform function
– Consider giving offers and incentives through your emails if you are providing essential products.

Don’ts of email marketing:

– If your message is not essential, do not send COVID-19 emails in bulk
– Do not take advantage of the situation to send marketing emails
– Do you sound desperate with your email by mentioning that your business is suffering in this crisis as all business are having the same the impact
– Do not use an unfamiliar domain name for sending emails
– Do not misinform your audience or write anxiety-provoking copies
– Do not provide unverified medical advice


This COVID-19 pandemic may or may not be the appropriate time to promote your business or generate new leads. But using your email marketing services sensibly will certainly help you save your sender reputation. If you are trying to put a word out through email, you can always consider our Email Marketing Services. Call us to know more.

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