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Email Marketing Services | 13 March 2020 Find Success in Email Marketing with these Tips Reading Time: 2 minutes

When it comes to creating email campaigns, maintaining a routine is the real enemy. Keeping a keen eye for tips to improve your Email Marketing Campaign could prove to be the power to unlock the true potential of your emails.
Since the inboxes are a battlefield for marketers, you should be making every kind of effort to stay different from your competitors to gain the attention of your customers. Here we list several separate tips that can help you step up your email marketing game:

1) Quality over quantity:

Focus more on creating quality emails that your users will find it worth reading, rather than being bombarded with dozens of promotional emails. The number of emails does not matter when you are delivering quality, informative content to your users. Always ensure you are providing value-added content to your consumers.

2) An embedded sign-up form:

When you have an option to embedded a sign-up form in your email, why would you want to redirect your users to a separate form page through a link? Replacing the link with a form has the potential to increase the rate of users subscribing to your emails by 20 to 50% (according to The reason for this increase is since users can save an extra click.

3) Specific Targeting:

Sending the right email to the wrong person will not render you the results. Invest a good amount of time in learning and researching your audience, their likes and dislikes, their location, and their buying habits. With this information, curate an email with which they will be able to reciprocate.

4) Mobile-Friendly Emails:

Since the majority of the people access their emails through their mobile phones, it becomes an absolute necessity to create mobile-responsive emails. Your emails have to adapt to the platforms accurately on which it is being displayed. Your subscribers should not face any issue reading your emails.

5) Keep the layout simple


Flashy graphics and huge fonts do not usually work well. Rather, keeping the layout clean and simple can render better results for your audience. Make sure your layout looks professional and it is easy to navigate.

6) No copy overload:

It is often tempting to describe your product in long paragraphs, but in email marketing, you should refrain from text overload. Use small paragraphs and use content economically where users can learn about your products/services quickly. If at all more data is required, use links to your website.

7) Stick to your promise:

Users subscribe to your email for a particular reason you have promised. Therefore, to retain your subscribers, you need to religiously send emails with proper content and on time.
There you have it! If you are trying for a successful email campaign in 2020, make use of these tips. Think of the convenience of your users and how they can be comforted through your emails, and apply those tactics to your campaign. To ace your email marketing, you can hire our Email Marketing Services.

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