More Followers But Less Engagement On Instagram?

By Admin | instagram advertising | 29 January 2018

When you launch your business instragram account the first thing on your mind is to increase followers, get as many of them as possible. Once you have been successful in grabbing wholesome followers, all you have to achieve is follower engagement.

To engage, be engaging

Too many followers and too little engagement is the worst instagram scenario. Building engagement is as important as increasing follower count. Give something to your followers to keep them hooked to your brand, communicate with them and make your brand noticed. Do not lose yourself in the crowded instagram space. Follow a simple formula: To engage, be engaging!

Tips to boost engagement on instagram

1) Communicate with your followers

Communication is the key. Use analytics and social intelligence, to understand your followers’ interests and the kind of content that attracts them. Use a blend of photos, videos, and content to spread your words. Use content that initiates discussion and thrills audience. Actively monitor and respond to comments on your posts.

2) Run a contest

Contests and promotional offers are a great way to attract customers. Run a contest or scheme for instagram followers and reward the winners. This will keep your audience engaged and will actively involve them in communications. Allow them to write comments or tag friends on your posts so that your brand could connect with your audience’s network too.

3) Remain consistent

For best results from instagram marketing, it is a mandate to post fresh content regularly. If you are not consistent it is difficult for you to register your presence in your audience’s mind. At least try to post once a day if not multiple times in a day, do not sound repetitive and boring, use impressive images and videos in your post.

4) Use catchy captions

In an instagram post, if visuals are like icing on the cake, then an appealing caption is like a cherry on the cake. It refines your communication and resonates your marketing objectives. Basically, you offer your followers something to see and read at the same time, for ensuring definite engagement.

5) Maintain your Profile

A shabby profile with wrong business information can make your existing followers disinterested. When someone clicks your handle your profile is the first thing that they come across with. Keep all the information filled accurately and make sure to update changes as and when they occur. Your profile includes your bio, you can place a link to your website in your bio to drive traffic directly from instagram.

Instagram is the land of creativity, fancy, and visualization. For a business using instagram as its marketing medium, it is important to understand that acquiring followers is just the beginning of the story. To gain profits and earn from instagram you need to motivate your followers through consistent communication efforts. ValueHits is a digital marketing agency offering its services to national and international clients. We can fabricate a compelling copy, alluring media, run an offer or contest for your business to receive qualified engagements on instagram and other social channels.


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