Free Local SEO Tools That Belong in Your Kit

local seo | 24 April 2018 Reading Time: 2 minutes

Search engine optimization tools and tactics have always been a powerful weapon for digital marketers. When digital marketers were busy in optimizing content for voice search, desktop visitors, mobile swipers, and social media followers, there came another term “Local search optimization”. Where businesses are looking for ways to increase their organic visibility and rankings in local search results.

Many new paid as well as free Local SEO tools have emerged that can boost results and increase performance efficacy. If your budget does not allow you to use the paid tools, try using the free local SEO tools listed below:

1) US Census Bureau Tool Set

Do you want to have a concrete understanding of your target community? You can use unmatched US Census Bureau Tool Set where you will find more than 20 useful resources including stats about population, income, mapping and geocoding widgets, language and a lot more.

2) Client Onboarding Questionnaire & Phone Script

Are you ready to onboard a new client? Cut down followups by asking all the necessary questions at once. Moz questionnaire includes all the must ask questions for a business. It also includes tips related to the questions and a well-written phone call script. Miscommunication can lead to loss of a client and deter Local SEO performance. Make sure to gather all required information about the incoming client before you start working and strategizing for them.

3) Location Information Spreadsheet

Moz Location Information Spreadsheet is useful when you market businesses that are spread across locations. It helps you in gaining all the information about every locale in one place.

4) Local Competitive Audit Spreadsheet

This one is really crucial for Local SEO. This free MOZ tool helps you to know why prospects are preferring your competitors over you. Fill in all key competitive data to analyze and draw necessary conclusions. The outcome of this sheet is a two column comparison statistical data that shows strengths and weaknesses of competitors.

5) The MozBar SEO Toolbar

For local businesses operating in highly competitive markets, knowledge of traditional SEO is a mandate. This free tool administers you with the metrics that you need to consider while assessing the organic strengths and weaknesses of competitors. Get to know various on-page information like markup, link metrics, HTTP status, optimization scope, etc. altogether at one place with Mozbar.

While many people think that all they need to do is implement all Local SEO tools in the beginning and that’s it. Their website will jump ranks and reach the top. But this is not the case, for quality and consistent results, you should use these tools on a regular basis.

If you want your website to sit at the top rankings then make sure to use these tools. For a detailed understanding of Local SEO tools and to avail Local SEO services for your business contact ValueHits professionals.

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