Here Are Some Smart Ways To Boost Your YouTube’s Visibility

youtube advertising | 10 April 2020 YouTube Advertising Reading Time: 2 minutes

Does your business have a YouTube channel? Are you interested in attracting more viewers? After uploading a video on to your YouTube channel, here are a few steps you should consider to attract more viewers and boost your video’s visibility:

1. Optimize Your Channel:

Give your videos the best chance of being discovered by optimizing your YouTube channel. The strength and authority of your channel depend on the number of channel views, video views, subscribers, etc. All these factors affect your YouTube search rankings. If your channel is new, it will take time to accumulate views and subscribers. Here’s what you need to do to optimize your channel:

1. You need a short, descriptive channel name

2. Relevant keywords in the description

3. Work on your channel art. Upload an attractive cover photo.

4. Link your channel to your website: This can help to let your fans know about your YouTube presence. You can also embed your YouTube videos on to your website to let visitors know about your channel.

5. Upload videos regularly. Maintain a schedule that will eventually help build an audience.

2. Optimize Your Videos:

When you are ready to upload a high-quality video on to your website, here are some things you need to do to optimize it for search.

1. Include keywords in the title. Keep it brief.

2. Make sure you are targeting keywords that relate to the content of your video. Make the best video to answer those keyword queries.

3. An accurate title should explain to the audience about the content of the video. Do not resort to clickbait titles for more views. Keep the title short so that it doesn’t cut off.

4. Focus on your description: Your first three sentences should give a brief idea of your video and tell the people what they will see when they click your video

5. Include the necessary tags. Do not go overboard with these tags. Only use as many tags as necessary to accurately describe your video.

6. Add annotations and cards: These can remind viewers to like your video and ask them to subscribe to your channel or direct them to other content of your channel

7. A custom, attractive thumbnail can entice people to click on your video

8. Adding your video to the relevant playlist will people find another video similar to the current one. Thereby increasing your channel’s views.

3. Promotion on other Social Channels:

One of the main ranking factors on YouTube is recommendations from viewers. Therefore, get the ball rolling by promoting the videos yourself. Make it easier for the fans by sharing the videos on major social channels like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. You can connect your social accounts with your YouTube channel, making it easy to auto-publish your video to the respective platforms whenever you make an upload.


It’s all about the viewer. No matter how much you optimize your videos and your channel, if your video content isn’t good, it will not take off. User experience matters a lot on YouTube and plays a significant part in the rankings. Watch time, numbers of shares, comments, etc. are factors that are placed high in YouTube’s algorithm. Focus more on Video Promotion Services like content, deliver what your audience craves for, and watch your numbers rise gradually!

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