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When it comes to acquiring customers, the majority of the businesses head to the mainstream social networking sites, since the audience is enormous and the platforms are quite popular. But then there’s LinkedIn, a platform that targets the niche audience so well, major businesses are flocking towards it. And why not, since LinkedIn has become a mecca for working professionals and job seekers. This community of people lead to LinkedIn becoming popular for job opportunities, references and pure networking. LinkedIn has now become the world’s largest professional network – and that’s why your business needs a LinkedIn marketing campaign to sap on to this network for growth.

The numbers say that LinkedIn currently has 500 million users. Out of the 2 billion millennials on the face of the earth, 87 million of them are on LinkedIn. That shows how LinkedIn has grown in terms of popularity. To make the most of this platform, here are five ways in which you can improve your business by using this professional platform.

Linkedln Marketing Campaign

1) The Publishing Platform:

The LinkedIn’s publishing platform is where you can write and share blogs. The platform is similar to other major social networking sites. By publishing posts, you will be able to expand your network and position your business as a thought leader to drive the sales and increase the leads.

Make the most of this publishing platform by identifying your business’ strong points. Analyse your expertise and where your authority sits within the bounds. This analysing is done to set a tone to your business. Rather than posting randomly, you can post that reciprocates with your brand and thus helping expand your network. Using LinkedIn management services will help you get outside connections subscribing to your posts too. With this platform, you will be able to engage the audience by sharing content that makes them like, share and comment.


2) Engagement and Groups discussions:

LinkedIn is brimming with lively discussions on various industries, working cultures and even productivity. Add value to conversations by engaging with your connections. If your connection posts something about your industry or area of expertise, leave a comment that will help to engage with them. This engagement is a way to promote yourself to a broader audience than just your existing network.

The groups on LinkedIn are reminiscent of a networking event, only online and always active. You can join groups on which are relevant to your industry and expertise. These groups might include the prospective customers of your business too. These groups also let you join send direct messages to anyone in the group. Though group emails are not supported, you can always send a message to a targeted individual who’s not a direct connection to you. Just like email marketing, your message needs to reciprocate with your business. It should be targeted specifically to that person and must hold some value. Premium members of LinkedIn can turn this feature off if they don’t want to be contacted, but most don’t.


3) Advanced Search:

LinkedIn’s advanced search lets you find people from specific industries and companies based on things like location, past employer and education provider. However, if you choose the LinkedIn’s premium feature, you get additionally search power that helps you better target people and companies. For example, with LinkedIn premium, you can specifically target vice presidents of Fortune 500 companies in New Jersey with 500 employees or less in a specific industry.

Another LinkedIn’s advanced search’s speciality is the ability to ‘Save Searches.’ For example, if you search for a specific market and save the search, LinkedIn will later notify you by mail of new people who matched your criteria.


4) LinkedIn Pages:

Take advantage of LinkedIn’s pages in the same way you post on other social networking pages. When you are already producing content for different channels, why not promote those content on LinkedIn’s company page. Brand building on social media and increasing the number of followers is a long term goal. But for LinkedIn, it’s a serious area where you cannot delay. Keep your business’s LinkedIn page active through curating relevant posts and engaging content which reciprocates with your LinkedIn marketing campaign.


5) Profile optimisation:

Your business’s profile page will be the advertising face. If you are doing all the pointers mentioned above, then people will be visiting your profile quite often. Since there will be traffic flowing over to your profile, it is better to optimised and complete. Make sure the company’s title and headline are crisp, clear, and perfect. Add words that will help people reach your profile. Adding a call to action will also work wonders.

Use the summary area to promote keywords and your most significant achievements. Keep your tone casual and exciting. Images of your awards and results will be advantageous. Your business website’s snippets can also be added to your profile. Make people flow over to your business website!


LinkedIn is an ever-growing platform, recommended for people who are looking forward to growing their business and build a stronger workforce. LinkedIn’s marketing services is providing a platform that’s helping all companies win in their industry. If you are looking out to implement LinkedIn into your digital marketing plan, now is the time to start. Call us or drop us an email and we will be happy to help you out.



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