How to Promote Your Business with Hashtags

Social Media | 14 January 2020 How to Promote Your Business with Hashtags Reading Time: 4 minutes

#Hashtags – you see them almost everywhere now. But do you know what they are? Their purpose? Why do they not have any space? Why is there a hashtag symbol?

All these questions were pretty common back in 2015 when hashtags started making a niche for itself. Since then, hashtags have become quite popular and found its way into Social Media content. Now, hashtags have become totally popular for being a wildly successful and efficient way to communicate and find content on Social Media. And in the past couple of years, hashtags have evolved quite a lot.

Who knew that the pound symbol introduced back in 1870 will be so crucial in today’s world. Now, hashtags are used to tag and search on popular social media sites. And now, significant businesses around the globe are branding their company successfully with the hashtag system. This system is helping their customers find, tag and post more content on social media; creating more brand awareness for the organization.

So, how do you make the most out of these hashtags and grow your business?

1) Local Hashtags:
Users of social media are quite fond of posting their location with a hashtag and search for people around the same area. Locally based companies can make use of local hashtags to gain exposure. Local hashtags are the best way to create more outlets of exposure, for companies situated locally. This hashtag system helps to increase views from specified local areas. People who are in need of a local service can easily find your service if they search with a local hashtag. In this search, they can see the new posts and will be able to satisfy their search. As a business, you should be posting interesting and informative content to keep your content relevant and searchable.

2) Brand-Name Hashtag:
If you want to market your brand, you should be using a hashtag with your brand name. By continually adding posts with brand names, hashtag is one easy way to increase the brand’s popularity and grow its brand identity. Businesses looking to improve their brand awareness in the industry should look at this approach. When creating a brand name hashtag, make sure you are keeping it short and straightforward. If you want your brand’s popularity to increase on social media platforms, your business should have an easy-to-read company name which has a bit of a knack to the title. This knack is what will stick to people’s minds.

3) Trending Hashtags:
Trending hashtags are known for generating a large number of views and searches. When a piece of breaking news comes out, it will be a great idea to add posts and stories related to the breaking news, along with the trending hashtag. In this way, people looking out for the breaking news will also come across your post, therefore, increasing your views. It is quite common for bloggers to write blog posts about these trending items so that they can get ample exposure. As a business, you should be focusing on creating content that reciprocates with the trending hashtag and the audience should be able to resonate with your content.

4) Activity/Holiday/Season Hashtag:
One of the most searched hashtags on social media is during the holidays, seasons or during specific activities. Holidays get a ton of views during the specific holiday dates. Summer, winter, rains, etc. are the seasons which can trend during their specific period. Activities also have their own niche when it comes to hashtags. If your company is heading for a convention, hashtagging about the event can help you get more views and followers from the individuals who attended the same event. You can also gain new followers and views when you pre-hashtag and get involved in events.

5) Targeted Keyword Hashtag:
Every online business has a goal for targeting keywords. Therefore, when posting online, make use of 3 primary keywords to hashtag to your social media profiles. Such type of keyword targeting through hashtags can help with increasing your business’s visibility to relevant social media users.

With around 74 million tweets out in the social media world, about 10% of the tweets have a hashtag associated with the tweet. That means, 7 million tweets are tweeted with hashtags! That’s a significant number, considering how actively hashtags are being used to tag content on social media. With the ever-increasing number of posts on social media, companies should be increasing the number of posts and hashtags used to keep the content relevant and fresh, to boost views.

Here are a couple of tips you can follow while using a Hashtag:

Tip #1: Overusing hashtags won’t get you much exposure as much you expected. Do not make your post look spammy using a lot of hashtags. When adding new content on social media, keep the hashtags up to 3, which is considered the best way to keep the content professional and clean.

Tip #2: Target demographics with the hashtags. Research and analyse how many of your users will be posting on social media with what hashtags. Learn about your audiences’ age and gender and their posting pattern and frequency. If your goal is to become one of the multinational companies, your hashtags should reflect the same. Make sure your targeted audience will be able to reciprocate with the hashtag you created. For example, for a teenage specific market, think like a teenager and use hashtags which are among the teenage community. For other markets, try focusing more on something advanced and keyword related.

Hashtags are here to stay. Make sure you are making the optimum use of hashtags as it is one of the easiest ways of helping your brand to be searched and found. Trends have paved the way to hashtags being common, and now, almost every social media post has a hashtag associated with it. So today, if you want a hashtag, all it takes a bit of research, some keywords, a keen eye and a pound symbol – and you are ready to go!

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