How To Successfully Create Shareable Content On Social Media

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The real purpose of content is to imbibe the audience with knowledge, entertain them, and make them share it further. Marketing strategies fulfill their goal when the content strategies bring them results. Majority of the companies do create content, but only a few manage to produce content which goes viral. This is the level of engagement companies should be aiming for. And for that, you might need assistance of SEO copywriting services

There are several ways to create engaging content which is more likely to spread across social media platforms. But before we get into it, you need to learn the science between this viral content.

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What makes the audience share the content?

  • When the content is socially approved and receives positive feedback from the user’s circle of people

  • When the content helps to nurture relationships with other people

  • When the content supports ideas, views and beliefs of the user

  • When the content is entertaining

Here are some ways in which you can create shareable content:

1) High-quality content:


Shareable content always needs to be of high-quality, and this goes without saying. If your focus is more on superficial topics, and you do not invest much time in research or content creation, your users won’t be interested or engaged. Development of content that can be shared requires time and effort. You can make use of tools like Title Generator, Headline Analyser, etc. can come in handy when you are developing your content. Proper research and optimum utilisation of resources help you in curating top-class content. Utilise SEO copywriting services to create high-quality content.

2) Structure of your content:


Today’s audience is quick. They read quickly and wouldn’t like to spend more than just seconds. Therefore, a wall of text will be a bad idea. When formatting your content, make use of bullets and numbers to structure them appropriately. Make use of headers and highlight key information points. This way, people can find relevant information easily.

3) Value:


Informative content is good, but if your users cannot put that content into practice, then they will not benefit from what you publish. Your content’s primary goal should be solving your user’s problems and show them how to overcome those problems. By doing so, your audience will be coming back for more. When the content is genuinely helpful, it will be shared around!

4) Learn about your audience:


Before creating or sharing content, you need to do thorough research about your audience. Questions yourself, what will your audience like to see? Will they understand and share this content with their friends? You can even try using polls and ask your audience to generate the type of content they would like to see from you. This way, the engagement level is high, and will also provide deeper insights into what your audience wants.

5) Infographics:


Infographics are not only easy to understand but also very informative. Since they come in the form of images, it is a convenient way for the majority of internet users to share the content. There are several tools available online that help you create stunning, high-quality infographic, without much hassle. The most crucial thing is to use your business’s expertise and create content with which your audience can resonate with.

6) Emotions:


Some marketing strategies have been successful as they successfully sparked strong emotional reactions amongst the users. People tend to share content which provokes emotions like happiness, anger, or sorrow. Though be careful that you do not venture into a field whether the user sentiments are affected. Such instances can backfire hugely. But when you see an opportunity to contribute, do it well!

7) Incentives:


Who doesn’t love free stuff! It’s the easiest way to boost the numbers by giving away free stuff to the users. You can quickly increase the interest of the users in your products or services through these giveaways. You can ask the users to like, share and follow your page for a free product/service. Such instances can have a ripple effect that will cover up for the costs!

8) Trending:


It is obligatory to stay up-to-date with trends for all marketers. Keep track of the latest news, and create shareable content when the time’s right. Hire a social media company to stay on the trending page

9) Contests:


With a little budget and an enticing prize, a lot of users will be knocking over your social media doors through contests. With rules which involve liking, sharing, tagging other people, etc. ensures that your presence reaches a lot of people.

10) Funny:


Your business can stay serious, but your online presence can have a humorous outlook. The users highly appreciate entertaining content. Funny posts, images, videos, etc. can grab your user’s attention and can get you a fair amount of shares.



There are a lot of ways to get the content to be shared amongst the audience. Your content needs to have the hook that grabs on to your audience’s attention! If you need help curating such content, you need to get in touch with us at ValueHits! We are a social media company in India with a team of digital marketing experts who can create and curate content that can resonate with your audience. If you would like to get in touch with us, give us a call right away.

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