Mobile App Marketing for Small Business

mobile app marketing | 7 January 2018

Our day begins with an app such as checking our messages or any new notifications. All day long we keep receiving updates from different apps that we use. Mostly, these notifications are promotional messages that are either about their latest offerings or a new feature. This is nothing but an easiest and most effective way to reach out to your audience on a more personal note. Moreover, mobile phones are a part of everyone’s lifestyle these days and this is what makes marketing through mobile apps the perfect choice.

To make the most of your mobile app marketing campaign, make sure to follow a solid strategy that can deliver the desired result. Here are some helpful tips and tricks for you to get your audience download and use your application.

Determine your niche market

Know where your content needs to go and which audience you are looking to target. For instance, a mobile gaming app will probably attract people belonging to a younger age group and therefore, you’ll have to market your app accordingly. So before you get started, identify your target audience and develop strategies that fit this criterion.

Use social media platforms

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media channels are a great way to promote your mobile application. The more you advertise, the more they’ll know you and about your service and offerings. Use promotional posts and tweets and if done correctly, you can drive audience towards your business and increase your download rate.

Consider guest posting

Guest posting can be an additional benefit for your business as you can direct traffic to your mobile application from various sources. Posting at right the places can bring a good deal of downloads, but you need to stay updated about your target audience’s interest and what they visit the most, so that you can design a failsafe guest posting strategy. As a small business, you have clearly sorted mobile app target audience, it’s better to approach a popular publication related to your mainstream business, as it can drive retain-able user downloads rather than short-lived app users.


If you’ve built a microsite, remarketing strategy can be a big advantage for you. With remarketing technique, you can re-advertise your app on any platform that supports Google ads to the user who visited your microsite but didn’t download the app. This means that you are once again promoting your content to the user who already knows about your app.


Some may leave a positive review on your application while many may simply ignore it. So how do you get your audience to review your application? Well, many apps have started to directly request their users to leave a feedback. For instance, you may have seen pop-up messages like ‘rate us on Play Store’, or ‘do you like our app? Please rate it’, and so on. Apart from this, you can consider doing something innovative to get your audience review your application.

No business can operate in isolation, staying connected with people is important for brand image and revenues. Amidst lots of mobile applications on various play stores, it is really difficult to get noticed even though you may have the best-in-class app design and top quality services. A well designed comprehensive mobile app marketing strategy can help your small business in raising eyebrows and ultimately promoting new app downloads, quality app reviews, app referrals, improved app usage time and app user retention.

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