SEO or AdWords: Which is worth for long run?

google adwords | 1 March 2019 Reading Time: 2 minutes

Adwords and SEO are the main components and are among the most valuable marketing techniques when running digital marketing campaigns. Therefore, the most frequently asked question by stakeholders for small-to-medium businesses is: “What’s the better choice for my brand, SEO or Adwords?”

The answer to this question is not that simple, but it is worth asking and worth understanding.

The quick, comprehensive answer is something like this:

How to opt between SEO and AdWords?

Suppose you are working on your website for the long run, SEO is the best way to go. Also in highly competitive industries, a savvy SEO expert can assist you to find keywords that bring more traffic- keywords you can rank for easily. However, it might take longer to get results based on other factors. Besides, you will have to keep at it.

Many people think SEO is the freeway to rank. We strongly disagree, because it is not free. SEO takes time and commitment. You should invest in great content, which not only ranks but also convinces people to trust your brand.

Moreover, you cannot just write a blog post and say you are done with SEO. It will help if you are consistent with it. You need to optimize your website for SEO routinely, and you need to work on improving website for user friendly experience as Google updates its algorithm frequently.


Are you in highly competitive industries like e-commerce? If so, AdWords is the fastest and assured way to get customers fast. Google AdWords offers for a quick solution since the text ad can rank on top of the organic search results as soon as the campaigns are created. There are different types of ads that help determine where customers will be able to find your ads. Some of them are:

• Search Network with Display Select

• Search Network only

• Display Network only

• Shopping

• Video

• Universal app

If you want fast conversions, you do not have to wait for your new website to work its way organically up the rankings. With the help of paid search and proper optimization, you can see quick results.


SEO and Adwords are not competitors, but they are two powerful tools available in your digital marketing arsenal. You can use AdWords Paid Advertising when you want traffic, and conversions faster, but you need SEO for long-term and sustainable online success.

For further question ask our experts or comment below.

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