SEO Tricks to Get Top Ranking for E-comemrce Sites

E-Commerce seo | 24 April 2015

Blame it on fast pace life, but e-commerce sites are really witnessing a boom. This is because the preferences of customers have changed and they are now beginning to explore shopping experience through online mode. Today, it is about online shopping thanks to the increasing use of smartphones and tablets. With so many online shopping sites coming up, it would be right to mention that even the need to stay competitive on search engine result pages (SERPs) has risen. But have you ever thought about making your site visible on the web through Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? The concept of SEO has taken the world by storm with many websites vying for attention to tap new customers, expand sales and revenue opportunities. Optimizing e-commerce websites for search engines can definitely have a solid impact. However, the process of optimizing your website can be a difficult task for seo experts as there already thousands of products listed and the real challenge lies in what tricks to use in how to make the site get a better ranking.

Content: What matters to develop a website into a successful one is the content. There is lot of scope when it comes to producing content for e-commerce site – there are product descriptions, user reviews and meta-tags. A keyword-rich and engaging content will help you to draw customers to your site. Many online shopping sites take advantage using the same content for products descriptions and this is wrong because as per Google it affects your site’s ranking. User generated reviews also help to boost ranking and traffic.

Keyword-rich URL: Making URL search engine friendly will help Google to crawl over your website quite easily. This can be done by including targeted keywords in the URL. You separate these keywords using “/” or “-” and it should be relevant to the page. For example, When you search for “washing machine” on any e-commerce site, it is best if it appears like this, here we have taken Flipkart’s URL This proves that the URL is keyword rich and appeals to search engine.

Encourage Mobile-friendly Site: The mobile revolution is here to stay forever and even Google thinks the same about it. The recent algorithm update needs to be taken seriously by SEO experts when optimizing e-commerce sites. With many people doing mobile searches it is quite pervasive that they would definitely prefer to shop more on mobile devices rather than on desktop. If a site is not mobile-friendly, it can have a negative effect on rankings. And, SEO needs to be performed taking into mobile perspective of a site.

Make a Funnel for Social Sharing: Now-a-days people are more active on social sites as there are chances of users getting bumped into e-commerce sites through Facebook, Twitter, etc. Some users may also use social channels to share products that are offered at attractive prices or special deals. This helps to create interest among visitors compelling them to visit the e-commerce site.

Seasonal Categories: Often, e-commerce sites promote products/categories that are seasonal special. For example, there are special offers on Christmas on such sites. Focusing on these products can help to boost site traffic. Such seasonal categories also tend to have lower competition when it comes to keywords.

Maintain daily routine to keep a track on e-commerce site by analyzing Search Engine Optimization techniques and using Google Webmasters tool to track the performance of website. This will help to fix errors such as blank pages, not working pages present on the site. With these tricks, we hope that your e-commerce sites rank better!

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